Artist Spotlight - Sarah Bottini

>> Sarah (on the right) pictured with her dear friend Courtney Decker (on the left) in Panama. "[Courtney Decker] her constant encouragement is why I started selling my art. I am where I am as an artist because of her. She's a beautiful, magnificent human," said Sarah.

Where to follow Sarah's work:

Instagram: @rah_stafarian

Online portfolio:

Please describe your experience in Panama.

Oh man. I think about this experience every single day and I still can't describe it well enough to do it justice. I was living in the jungle for 3 months helping build a sustainable town with other like-minded designers. It was called Kalu Yala, which translates to "the place where my soul was found," which is commonly how I refer to it. Kalu Yala stole a piece of my heart and transformed me into the best version of myself. I built a gallery in the jungle with my best friend. I climbed up mountains and slid in the mud. I went white water rafting on an air mattress. I danced in the rain in nothing but rain boots. I learned how to chop bamboo with a machete and use it as a building material. I learned how to surf. I explored my creativity with watercolors for the very first time. But most importantly, I met some of the most genuine and beautiful people I will ever have the pleasure of knowing in this lifetime, who helped me grow and taught me how to set my soul free.

Primary Reconstruction

How has Yoga helped your creativity?

I often have a hard time accepting and expressing my emotions, which blocks my creativity. Practicing yoga teaches me that all my feelings are valid. It teaches me how to forgive myself and how to be kinder to myself. And that really allows me to create more frequently and more successfully. It puts me in the moment and erases the world around me for a while so that I can have this super weird, intimate moment with my art.

Do you have a drawing playlist you listen to? If so, can you list 10 artists on that playlist?

I don't have an actual playlist but depending on what stage of the creative process I'm in.

I'm probably listening to one of these ten artists:

1. Papadosio

2. Mike Love

3. John Butler Trio

4. Tauk

5. Lotus

6. Brandi Carlile

7. Fruition

8. Fruit Bats

9. Grateful Dead

10. Lake Street Dive

How did going to art school hurt and help you?

Art school expanded the definition of art for me and having that greater understanding and a more open-minded view taught me gratitude and allowed me to create more freely. On the other hand, art school is an extremely exhausting time and I had so much to do for my major that I never really got around to exploring many other avenues of my creativity until after I left.

What is one thing you wish you had learned about being an artist while going to school?

Flourish Phase

I wish I learned that you never, ever have to explain yourself when it comes to your work. I think a big part of art school is explaining why you created what you created, and now I feel like I can't stop thinking that I have to justify what I've made. The best part about art is that it can always be this beautiful, intimate secret that you never have to explain to anyone.

Top five favorite places to hike.

Biokovo in Croatia

Anywhere at Kalu Yala in Panama

Love Mountain aka Blue Mountain Lake

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

Nimis in Ladonia Sweden

You are stranded on top of a mountain, what five things would you like to have?

-One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

-a portable speaker

-the travel kio watercolor kit

-my small collection of stones


Top five favorite plants.


-Heliconia Psittacorum

-Cranberry Hibiscus (my favorite snack that the jungle provided me)


-All the trees. They’re magical! <<

Temporary Entangelment

Take Me To The Trees

Winter's Kaleidoscope

Parakeet's Beak Canvas 2