lovelytheband - finding it hard to smile: Descriptive Subtitle

>> lovelytheband has been around since 2016, but are only now putting out their first album. “finding it hard to smile”, their first full-length, expands on their initial EP.

The Good:

“finding it hard to smile” is surprisingly well-mixed. While treble-heavy, nothing really competes for the spotlight. Attention is always pushed exactly where it needs to be, and distractions are kept to a minimum. It’s technically a well-constructed album, everything in its place.

Of course, lovelytheband knows what they’re going for with “finding it hard to smile”. They’re not trying to make world-changing anthems or call out difficult social issues. They’re here to make upbeat indie pop, and that’s what they’ve done. Nothing too deep, nothing controversial, just something upbeat to throw on.

The Bad:

“finding it hard to smile” is generic and derivative. It’s The 1975 meets Walk the Moon, with none of the charisma of either group. The album pioneers nothing, it just takes established indie pop formulas and tries to ride them to success. Though, judging by their streaming numbers, it seems to have worked.


“finding it hard to smile” is exactly what we’ve come to expect from many modern indie-pop bands. A mix of other proven artists slapped together in hopes of reaching a Billboard chart. However, for that genre, it’s surprisingly well put-together. If you’re looking for something to throw on in the background of a party, you could do a lot worse. 3.5/5 <<

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