>> This past Friday, August 10th The Stedwells, The Demos, and Cold War Kids took the stage over at Anthology. The show was packed wall to wall with Alternative/Indie/Rock fans eager to hear the local rockers, The Demos, and their favorite Alternative band, Cold War Kids. The energy was electric.

The Demos started their set at 8:15 screams erupted from the crowd and everyone danced around in time with the beat. They had a contagious energy similar to Rainn Wilson and Teddy Geiger in The Rocker! Jeremy even rocked so hard that his guitar strap broke mid-song and he sat down in order to play the rest. Jason joked that it was, “either the laziest or most hard-rockin' thing he’s ever seen during a show” it was definitely badass and proof that these rockers will always make sure that the show will go on. A lot of fans were in the crowd singing along to the songs, even the newest one, “Make It Better”. All of the band members beamed with pure joy, as it was proof that all of their hard work had paid off. The Demos ended their set with one of their most popular songs, “Better,” with a few more whoops and hollers everyone was ready for the Cold War Kids.

The venue lights went off, everyone screamed with excitement, red and blue lights began to blink and the Cold War Kids started their set with “Hang Me Up To Dry”. It was fucking incredible. The only downside to their set was an unbelievably drunk hardcore fan flailing next to me and the overwhelming wafts of someone shitting their pants. Literally, that is what it smelled like. I get that the Cold War Kids are amazing but no need to shit your pants with excitement. Their set went on with their hit songs, “First”, “Love Is Mystical”, “So Tied Up”, “Miracle Mile”, and some new songs from their latest album, “Audience”. Overall it was a dream come true, despite the drunk fool! 10/10 would not like to smell that again! <<