Memes, Dogs, and Maryland with Thunder Club

Tell us the origin of Thunder Club. Thunder Club formed in the fall of 2015 and is comprised of 5 dudes who grew up playing music together in Baltimore. All childhood friends (and even two brothers!), the boys grew up playing in different lineups before finally settling on having all five of them form one awesome indie rock act. The rest is gravy! The name doesn’t have any super cool story behind it, we were all sitting by a pool and it came to us.

Top 5 favorite things about Baltimore. Oof, so hard to narrow down! Baltimore’s music right now has some amazing artists, so that’s a big pick. You also can’t top Baltimore’s summer seafood with the obvious statewide blue crab addiction (THE BEST!). Baltimore’s beer scene is also booming right now with Union moving into their new spot. The community as a whole is very inclusive and the sense of family is very close, which is especially awesome considering recent events and just how diverse backgrounds are in the city. Finally, you just can’t beat that skyline at the harbor with the Boh sign watching over everything!

You just released an EP, please pair each song with a drink that reflects the mood.

What a fantastic question. For "Pocketbook Lover", I think we’d have to pair it with a good ol’ Miller Lite or something similar, you can consume it all day with no problem! For "Hot Words" we may have to go with an Old-Fashioned, lots of moving parts that balance each other perfectly, with a delicious end product - plus we all love bourbon. "Go Ahead" would have to be a margarita, everyone’s favorite summer pick and it goes down nice and sweet!

Favorite place/trail to hike in Maryland. We love Soldier’s Delight! It’s a sweet nature reserve with lots of cool spots hidden throughout.

It says you are interested in dogs on your Facebook Bio, what breed of dog is your favorite? If being obsessed with golden retriever puppies is wrong, we don’t ever wanna be right! Favorite character from the office. Minus the obvious ones, probably that turtle that Kevin befriended. With his car. Poor fella.

Each member of the band, please describe yourself in a meme. Garrett - One Does Not Simply Dennis - Y U NO guy Pete - Off Ramps John - Spongebob Nopants Conor - Rick Roll What is your favorite artist or song right now? We’re big fans of keeping it local, so Super City’s and Snail Mail’s new releases are doing wonders to our ears. They’re seriously so good! If you could have any super power, what would it be and why? Man, probably the ability to stop time. Then we could play music forever. Please list all socials and links to your music. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Spotify: