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Getting Goth with Blood Blush


Tell us about the origin of Blood Blush.


The three of us are cousins. We all knew one another from growing up but at a certain point we ended up in the NYC metro area. We decided to make a goth band but with a minimalistic approach - bass VI and bass guitar, drums are just kick, snare, floor tom and a crash cymbal. 


Please describe what dream goth is.


It’s a bastardized sub-genre that pulls in the dark elements of goth and post-punk but marries them with elements of late 80s dream pop. Like The Cure’s Pornography mixed with Heaven or Las Vegas. 



What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on stage?


I don’t know if there is anything that has happened yet. Or at least nothing worth remembering. Things fall over, sometimes you mess up or forget a part but I feel like we have mastered the art of just playing through things. No one notices if you don’t draw attention to it. 


Who is your ultimate goth icon?


Andrew Eldritch 


Favorite vampire? 


Paul Reubens as Amilyn/Lefty


Klaus Kinski as Count Dracula 


What inspired you to identify as goth? 


An appreciation of fashion, black clothing, and layering. A certain degree of music taste and identifying with isolation and being an outsider. Being more comfortable in the dead of night than at high noon. 


What is the ultimate goal for Blood Blush? 


Tour in Europe. Make some vinyl. Having attainable goals works well for us. 


What are the goth stereotypes that you want to destroy? 


Goth = vampires


That bros should get a goth girlfriend. Trust me, if you made fun of these people in high school, there is no reason why they would accept you now because some internet meme says so. 


Stop asking us if we listen to Joy Division. 


Also, stop assuming goth has anything to do with the 90s and early 2000s Nu Metal or Marilyn Manson. 


What are you most excited for on this upcoming tour? 


I would say for that: going to the Chicago Diner, hanging with some friends in Indianapolis, going to Montreal. 


What do you want to say to those who have supported your music?


Thanks so much and I swear we will get tapes soon and our music up on Spotify. 







09.19.18 MANHATTAN, NY at The Special Without Brett Davis Live Taping.

09.23.18 BROOKLYN, NY at The Cobra Club with Half Human and Motherhood.

09.29.18 ALLENTOWN, PA at Allentown Arts Fest Medium Social with Ralph Pagano, Food Truck, Jameek Jones, Violet Coup, Beach Bod, Inner Temple, Dissentience and Killer Tofu Records Showcase.




10.18.18 PITTSBURGH, PA at TBA with Child of Night.

10.19.18 COLUMBUS, OH at No Culture (Video Performance - 5pm).

10.19.18 COLUMBUS, OH at Tree Bar with Master Servos, Berndsen, Child of Night and DJ Steve OD.

10.20.18 INDIANAPOLIS, IN at The Spruce Goose with Violent Meditations, Emily Bewley, Tombaugh Regio and Den Dwellers.

10.21.18 CHICAGO, IL at DC Torium with Reverent, Canter, Mr. Russia and Old Irving.

10.22.18 DETROIT, MI at Phoney Island with Milliken Chamber, Dr. Fadeaway and Primer.

10.23.18 TORONTO, ON at TBA with Bloody Blue Darlings and The Shyness of Strangers.

10.24.18 MONTREAL, QE at Mademoiselle with Wavery, Bermudes and The City Gates.

10.25.18 SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY at TBA with Spell Runner and Bare Mattress.




11.02.18 CLIFTON, NJ at Dingbatz with Christian Death.

11.16.18 BROOKLYN, NY at Bushwick Public House with PUSH! and Gorgeous.




You can connect with Blood Blush on:




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