Please tell us the origin of CatLow.

The name is from a spaghetti western called Catlow from the 1970s. When I started Catlow, my then label wanted me to go by my name, Natasha Thirsk but I wanted a collaborate entity that I could use with myself working with DJs on dance tracks, solo or with a full band. My previous label helped narrow down all my list of 200 possible project names and we came down to Catlow, that would represent me and the sound of my writing, producing. It’s a book by writer Louis L’Amour called “Catlow”. The movie has Leonard Nimoy from the original Star Trek in it, naked! HA! It suits the writing and me in many ways.

Natasha, how do you feel since you have become vegan? Any special vegan powers, like Todd from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World?

I am ALMOST Vegan. I still break down once in a while for cheese and fish though and fewer and far between now. I love exploring the plant-based nut cheeses and plant-based burgers. I have always loved the veggies. I feel purer of heart if that makes any sense. Not causing and eating cruelty, pain and slaughtering make me feel better about my place in doing good for the earth and animal kind. I’d say that’s a superpower! Knowing I have saved countless innocent animals. I would love to someday run/have. an animal sanctuary. I have a very special bond with animals unlike any other. They see your heart and love unconditionally.

You say you're interested in "learning languages for a week" on Facebook what is the hardest language you have attempted to learn?

Well, that was sort of me being silly. But it refers to us winning a contest in Tuscany, Italy that flew us over and put us up in a vineyard on top a Tuscan hill. I’d been dreaming all year about winning this and we won it! Played in front of 20,000 people and tried my darnedest to speak with the Italians there. I studied for a week before and while we were there. I have forgotten it all! I do remember some French from school, however. Though we had to take it for a few years here in Canada.

You just released a new album, what is each song, if it were a snack food?

Oh what a delightfully hard and interesting question! Let’s seeee….

SCRAPES: Scrapes of drizzled chocolate on rich red ripe strawberries

A MOMENT PASSES BY: Prosecco a moment on your lips, fuzzy and tingling on our tongue, then it’s gone

MY SUN: Sun-dried tomatoes with Basil and garlic on some fungi (fun guy) mushrooms that make you feel good

SETTLE UP: A strong cup of matcha tea with all things good and powerful for your strength of mind and spirit

FORGET THE REST: Forget anything besides those mashed potatoes melting in your mouth, good for the soul and heart.

Five favorite things about Vancouver.

The view, the autumn leaves, my family, band, pets, and friends, seeing the ocean and the mountains every day, getting almost all of the seasons…with the rainy season a bit much but… :D

If you could only do one dance move for the rest of your life, what would that move be?

The Moonwalk

What is the strangest thing you have ever been inspired by?

Extreme pain and sadness. Death. But that may be common artist plight. Animals. WEIRDOS? But I love weirdos.

What do you to stay in a creative headspace?

I find creativeness in everything. I am a producer, event manager, costume designer, sketch artist, poetry, story writer, video maker. It bleeds through in everything I think about, watch, see and do. I can’t escape it!

What is your favorite cat, cartoon or real?

My favourite cat is my little Olive. I adopted her a year or so ago. She is so precious and cuddly. She sleeps on my head. I also recently adopted another frisky girl and named her Pickles! She's a cool cat too. Gotta give a shoutout to my girl Kitters who passed away in the past few years. She was my homie for 10+ years.

What is one thing you want to say to your fans?

Don’t forget that whatever hard things you’re going through, someone else has been close to what you are going through. You have to reach out, even if it’s to me. Be sad, angry, happy, melancholy, anxious, solitary, be yourself. Be kind, stop and listen to people. Everyone has their own battle they’re dealing with. These are words I say to myself too.

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