A Song of The Day EXCLUSIVE with REPS!

>> "The World We Know" is a song we've been playing for over a year or so now. It was the first riff we wrote for this new batch of songs and felt it was appropriate to make it the first track on the new EP and to release it first, seeing as a lot of people have been hearing us play it recently; We’ve been opening our live set with it for some time now.

The pace of the song fluctuates during it’s nearly a minute and a half course, which is something I absolutely love. The lyrical content is also something true to REPS’ facet, which is that we’re all fucked and it’s just a matter of time before society implodes on itself. Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme…but it sure does feel that way most days.

Our new self-titled EP with will released on all Digital Formats sometime in October. Keep an eye out for plans for an EP release show sometime in the fall as well. <<

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