The Demos - If You Only Knew: Local & Legendary

>> The Demos have been one of the standout names in Rochester music for years. They recently release their new EP, “If You Only Knew”.

The Good:

“If You Only Knew” hits the perfect mix of cohesive and varied. Despite being only four songs long, the EP manages to have a more diverse sound than a lot of full-length albums, yet each song has a distinct Demos feel. Every track is totally unique, they never blur together on repeat listens. In each one, though, there’s that unique mix of layering and tone that you can only find from The Demos.

Some credit for that layering goes to the masterful mixing on this EP. If you ever find yourself mixing an album and need advice on how to make each instrument blend into a seamless whole, yet stand out under scrutiny, look no further than “If You Only Knew”. Listen to this album through good headphones and you can easily pick out each member of the group -- but only if you want to. Focus on the whole, rather than the parts, and, everything flows together perfectly.

The Bad:

Okay, fine, almost perfectly. The mixing is also the source of the biggest drawback to “If You Only Knew”. Namely, the focus on the treble. There isn’t a ton of low-end feel on this EP, and it feels a bit empty for it. It sounds good, sure, but it doesn’t reverberate through your body and really draw you into the sound. Is this nitpicking? Yeah. But it’s a nitpick that you’ll never un-hear.


“If You Only Knew” is, simply put, a masterpiece. It’s a shining example of what good music should sound like, how it should make you feel. The Demos don’t sound like a group of people making music, they’ve truly come together into a single powerhouse of audio. Don’t sleep on this album. If you’re not listening already, you’re missing out. 4.8/5 <<

You can listen to, "If You Only Knew", right here!

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