Gringo Star and The Demos at the Bug Jar

>> Monday night, August 27th, at the Bug Jar was nice and steamy! House Majority, a Rochester punk garage rock trio, kicked the night off with some crazy energy! I looked around the crowd and saw people headbanging along to the beat and harnessing their inner teenage energy. Guitar shredding, intricate drumming, and angsty yelling made everyone fuckin’ pumped for The Demos and Gringo Star!

The Demos took to the stage shortly after. Jason Milton, the lead singer, apologized to the crowd as he had woken up that morning without much of a voice; However, he managed to carry on through as much of the set that he was able to manage without stressing out his vocal chords even more. You could barely tell that his voice was failing. When it came time for their latest single, “If You Only Knew”, Jay asked for help from the crowd. This was when Boy Jr. hopped on stage along with Mark Czelusniak to sing! They both danced around on stage with immense joy and it was so beautiful to see these musicians have each other’s backs/vocal chords in times of need. After the song ended, the crowd happily cheered! The Demos went on to sing two more songs before Jay could no longer sing. Regardless of the health issues that stood in the way, The Demos were outstanding (as always)! We hope Jay has rested his magical and gifted vocal chords since then.

Gringo Star was up next. They had just released a new album and that was why we were all gathered at the Bug Jar! I looked around the crowd to see local musicians everywhere, out to support these talented guys. Their incredible psychedelic indie rock flowed throughout the venue and caressed your ears in a nice warm embrace. It was a stunning and seamlessly effortless mix of genres that made you eager for more! Without a doubt, I can say it was one of the best-curated shows I have been to in a long time. I cannot wait for Gringo Star to come back melt away all my troubles with their beautifully crafted music.<<

Listen to Gringo Star HERE!

Listen to The Demos HERE!

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