The Rock N' Roll Circuit with IronTom

>> Californian natives, IronTom, an eclectic and contagiously high-energy band whose creations are best conveyed through their live performances. The group is made up of four talented homies: Harry Hayes (Lead Vocals), Zach Irons (Guitar), Dylan Williams (Drums), and Daniel Saslow (Keys). We had a chat with Harry about how far the band has come, the band’s goals, and their connection with recent tour mates, Awolnation.

How do you guys share Zach Irons (guitarist), playing in both Awolnation and IronTom?

Harry: Yeah man it’s exciting! We’re like a little family with Awol. Aaron produced parts of our album and after that his own album. We’ve just all been together. Zach obviously played on “Here Come the Runts” and it sounds great! It’s cool to me that our sounds are kind of intermingling. Being out on the road too, we’re traveling with them. It’s just like a rock n’ roll circuit every night! It’s fun to be rollin’ in with guys you love so much and are inspired by.

Where do you get the inspiration for your extreme energy on stage?

Harry: It just kind of came out of me man! When we started the band I realized that I just wanted to react to the music. I really wanted to let what the guys [were] playing hit me and have myself react to that in a way that could go with the performance. It’s fun man! They’re great players, Dan, Dylan, and Zach. Every night they inspire me! I just feel so much joy and excitement. The performances are just a moment for me to express myself, whatever I am feeling. I feel things so intensely and they feel good, I just want to share them with everybody. It’s just me saying here’s how happy I am and you should just take it!

On the latest album“Be Bold like Elijah” has to be one of my favorites. The album as a whole is really great. “Brain Go” is also one of my favorites and “Partners”.

Harry: Hell yeah man! Before we hit the road we started working and recording some new songs with Aaron and they sounded really great! We’re workin’ on them as we are traveling, technology makes so many things possible! We’re all just close to each other so we’re able to just talk about it all day and figure it out. So there is more coming! I’m hoping in the next couple of months. The sooner the better in my mind! Being creative, it rolls with us. We make a song and it will fulfill us for a second and it is cool, but we want to get a little bit better on the next one….and a little bit better on the next one. It’s just something we are hungry to do. Dan’s always working on songs on the road, we all are. We have [all] this time before the shows and shows inspire us to create more and more. It’s a great thing, man. I’m just trying to listen to things all day. It all feeds it...

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