Roses and Revolutions: Live In The Moment

>> Alyssa Coco and Matt Merritt are the creative force behind Roses and Revolutions, the soon-to-be chart topping indie-pop band from Rochester, New York. They talked to us about their adventures, the influence of technology on music, and making a connections with fans and tour mates.

Tell us about your recent adventures.

Matt: We’ve been traveling, it has been so much fun. L.A. was cool because, [it was] kinda like, the last Floated show we did with the female-fronted showcase. We did this thing in Hollywood called School Night. School Night happens every Monday and it has a really and influentially DJ, a radio DJ. He’s a pretty big deal. He started this School Night which happens every Monday in Hollywood at the Bardou. It’s really cool. There’s no ceiling on it and you can see the night sky. Free for anyone in Hollywood if you RSVP and they get awesome bands, I believe Joywave did it back in the day, Amy Sharp, Elefant, Borns is playing next December, so they get these really cool bands in this room that seats 300 people.

We did that, I can’t remember dates now. We did that in February? It was hot, it was a duo called Drama from Chicago. There was this other band called Beginners which was cool, and the headliner band was called Kitten and they had just put out a new single.

It’s free for anyone who RSVPs to their app ahead of time and its packed man. Next time you’re in LA check it out.

Hollywood is just weird, tons of people with all these different mindsets. LA is kind of weirdly the odd one out. Our next stop, Baltimore we played right near a college, and we had a ton of college kids come out and some high school kids come out too, which was kind of interesting. It was cool because it was us and Verite, and it was a pretty packed room and everyone was into the music, a pretty similar scene to Rochester. I feel Charlotte was also really similar to Rochester. The indie pop alternative genre, I think attracts the same type of music lovers. That was just our experience.

Which venues have been your favorite?

Matt: Charlotte was really cool. It was a big theatre, and it had this stage with really cool architecture. Cool lights and everything. There were 3 tiers of levels the audience could go into, kind of like amphitheater seating, but standing. One level was right in front of the stage, and then, 100 yards back was another level with no railing. Then at the top, you were looking down on the stage, and that’s where the bar was. That was a weird one. I think the weirdest one, and our favorite one from this last year was The House of Blues in Orlando, in support of Kaleo. That was the coolest one by far. Troubadour was another favorite.

[Kaleo] They’re so good. They’re so cool because we did our first show with them in Toronto and they were just breaking out. Then we did our Oregon show with them and we did House of Blues with them, they sold the place out. They’re in Rolling Stone. They’re killin’ it.

How do you stay connected to the other musicians you have played with?

Matt: Verite we got to hang out quite a bit. We actually share the same producer, so that’s cool. We got to hang with K. Flay, we baked her cookies. The House of Blues is part of Disney World, that’s how we connected. We went out to the bowling alley with the guys from Kaleo. We have a picture of their guitar player wearing my hat, and he looks better in it than I do...

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