>> Denton Thrift is a alternative/electronic duo from Leeds. Check out this rad interview with Conor Jordan and Jess Mollie where we discuss inspirations, songwriting, and goals!

For our readers who haven’t really heard your music, could you describe for them your sound in five words?

Chill/Ambient/Layered/Emotive/Rich What was it about one another that you made you want to start Denton Thrift? Did you start writing together first or form the duo first?

We started jamming together on a tiny midi keyboard and guitar during our year studying abroad in Denton - Texas; Denton Thrift formed when we graduated from university about a year after that. Do you remember the first time that you wrote a song together? Was it any good?

I think the first song we wrote was called ‘Feel Right’, it had a much more Tom Misch vibe and was more stripped back and way less electronic. It was pretty groovy though, so we might touch it up and get it release ready or have it as something to add to our live set! Where do you think this love and passion for music and songwriting that you guys have stems from?

J: ‘Years of making beats in my bedroom, listening to lots of different music and loving playing and singing with other people’

C: ‘From when I first started playing guitar at 14 and I couldn’t stop, been crazy about music ever since, I think songwriting and composing is a natural stepping stone for people who become infatuated with playing any instrument.’ I’ve seen on your Instagram that you do a lot of live shows. Do people reach out to you to perform or is it more of you guys going out and finding venues or an audience you’d love to perform for?

We usually get asked to play, we recently got a new set together with a live band which we’re really excited about, but it’s mainly been local events we’re playing at. We usually get asked to play gigs but are going to start applying for next years festival season soon!

After listening to your EP, Sight, the lyrics suggest that you’re touching upon relationships and love. Are you two speaking or better yet singing from personal experience?

Absolutely, the themes and ideas that we’re trying to get across come from both recent and past experiences, I think that creating music like this is a sort of closure for both of us. Do you have a songwriting philosophy that you live by?

Write a lot, delete a lot, keep a lot. Do you have sort of an ideal producing environment that lends itself to your creative process?

We write exclusively in a home studio set up, but we like to jam things out live, we find that with a live set up it’s much easier to be creative with ideas than just sitting in front of a computer screen. Although Ableton is really handy for looping ideas and stacking more ideas on top! Can you sort of describe what your own personal music making process is like?

Coffee and time. Musically, who are the icons or influences that lead you to make the kind of music you make? You’ve categorized yourself as Electronic but I believe I hear a little bit of Contemporary R&B and maybe some Dream Pop.

We’re huge fans of Bon Iver for how emotive his music is but take inspiration from electronic artists like Shlohmo and Bonobo or from smaller things like how Kelela layers her vocals, anything that deviates from the norm without being alienating is something we love and are trying to achieve in our own music. What can you not stop listening to at the moment? And why is it that drew you to want to listen to it over and over again? J: ‘Kelelas album Hallucinogen, kllos ‘Backwater’ and Feists ‘Pleasure’ have beautiful vocals, layers, and instrumentation. Can’t get enough of these albums!’

C: ‘Bon Iver, Daniel Caesar, Brockhampton, Guordon Banks, Kuba’ I think for me these guys have the perfect combination of emotion, musicality, and production. In closing now that you have released your EP, can you tell us something about any projects and ideas you have in store or are already working on?

We are going to try and get a couple more live videos out and do a few exciting collaborations, but we’re definitely going to keep writing more DT music. Our end goal will be an album, excited to start working on it already. <<

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