DREAMERS - FLY: The Charmingly Unique

>> Los Angeles indie rock band DREAMERS are back with their latest EP FLY. Which is the second installment in their three-part EP series, that began with LAUNCH.

The Good:

FLY is a reinforces how DREAMERS is able to seamless weave in elements of different genres throughout their work, creating a unique sound that shields them from being pigeonholed into making a certain type of music. While the EP has an overall futuristic tone, there’s a clear influence straight from the 90’s—truly showcasing how far the band can truly stretch their sound. Similar to LAUNCH, FLY also contains an element of storytelling throughout its five tracks. It’s fun pop vocals are captivating and catchy, and will leave you listening to the tracks on repeat. Included on the five-track EP is a stripped version of hit single “SCREWS”—major bonus.

The Bad:

A mix of 90’s rock and futuristic pop might not be for everyone, but it will work well for many. Some of these tracks may frustratingly get stuck in your head due to their charming pop vocal hooks.

The Review:

Overall, a strong second installment to their three-part EP series. DREAMERS reinforces their ability in FLY to create a fresh sound that also seamlessly calls to different genres and influences. 4.5/5 <<

You can listen to their new EP HERE!

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