Pizza Toppings, Beards, and Friendship with Ponytails...The Band!

>> Ponytails is a psychedelic pop band from Vancouver, BC, made up of four friends, Harvey Merritt (Vocals), Travis Goeres (Guitar), Liam Less (Bass), and Graham Serl(Drums). They recently released a goofy music video for their latest single, "Cherry Pie"! Check out our interview with them about pizza toppings, Vancouver, and beards!

What is the name of your cherry pie baby?

Chester. Harvey's girlfriend Michelle made and named him.

Please relate each the tracks you released into the world so far as if each one was a specific pizza topping and describe why that particular topping?

Old ways - would be olives as I like them but if I could pick another topping I probably would.

Next time - would be pineapple as I fucking love pineapple but I never order it.

Love to you - would be vegan chicken as it tastes so good and it "just like real chicken" but I feel like a cop out eating fake meat, like how good for you is this stuff in comparison.. am I being better to my body or do you think What The Health part 2 will be about how crappy this stuff is..?

Young Hearts - is the garlic dip! Can't go wrong with a lot of dip! For anyone thinking, "this isn't a topping?!" I say, if it's all over, it's on top; toppings.

Despair - is artichoke Hearts, a little gross to look at but man are they delicious!

Pieces - feta cheese daddy! You can put that shit on anything!

Twilight Heat - is the sauce.. but you got to say it like "it's the fuckin sauce bro!" I don't ever say that but you hopefully know what I'm trying to say.

Cherry Pie - is perfectly cooked pizza with artichoke, feta, mozzarella and vegan chicken where the dough is fluffy with the right amount of cheese cooked on with a little garlic dip and some hot sauce.

If each one of you were to chose to be a Sylvester Stallone character from a film which one would you be and why?

Harvey - Cliffhanger: look at his Instagram @harveyharvey

Travis - Stop or my mom will shoot: he's literally Estelle Getty, in every way.

Graham - Rocky 4: He's cheesy and unbelievable and we love him the most!

Liam - Cobra: I've only seen the cover but it's super fucking rad!

Jasper - tango and cash: F.U.B.A.R!

Do you ever hide fun things in your beard for later? If so, what do you hide?

Harvey - I’ve gotten many things stuck up in there but nothing I’ve purposely tried to hide. One time I went on a date and was eating ramen, and I had the entire thing submerged in the soup bowl without noticing. Man, I love miso!

How has the culture/atmosphere of Vancouver influenced your music?

Harvey - Vancouver has a pretty laidback vibe I find, being nestled between the ocean and the mountains it’s easy to escape the city. I find a lot of people including myself live dual lives. Trying to work as little as possible (still a lot due to cost of living) so they can get outside and do what they love. For me, the outdoors nurture my creativity and bring me outside of all the noise in my brain.

Please list your top five favourite Vancouver bands and your favourite song from each band.

Peach Pit - Tommy's party

Babe corner - Alone At the party

Leisure Club - Hollow Heartbeat

Harlequin Gold - Without you now

Dopey's Robe - Wigs with faces

Where do you go/what do you do to spark inspiration?

Travis - I mostly write in bed in the morning drinking coffee. From 6 am till my joints hurt, that's when I've written my favourite parts.

What is your favorite aspect of performing?

When everyone in the band is in sync playing together, you know "hitting the note" and the crowd (doesn't matter how many people) are sharing the same energy.. you can close your eyes and feel every note.

Please name your favorite activities to do with your best friend, besides making a pie of course!

Travis - I just like spending time with Harvey, I'd even go to the grocery store with him!

Listen to Ponytails HERE!

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