New Music Friday - Good Weekend Vibes

1. "Battle Lines" by Bob Moses

The highly anticipated new album from Bob Moses has finally been released! This grammy-winning duo has a lot of hype to live up to! We are definitely going to be listen to this on repeat this weekend! Listen to the new album HERE!

2. " The City" Ruby Randall

We are diggin' this indie-pop artist from Toronto! So dreamy and beautiful! You can listen to her latest single HERE!

3. "Bad Idea" by Madeline Kenney

This is definitely the soundtrack to our daydreams! Madeline Kenney is a talented dream pop artist out of Oakland, CA. If you dig this stay tuned for her album, "Perfect Shapes", which is will be released October 5th!

4. "Buzzer" by Wynne

This Portland rapper is only 21 years old and she is KILLIN' IT! Heck even Missy Elliot is a fan! You gotta keep an eye on her because she is bound to make it BIG!

5. "Too Real" by Fidlar

A bit of new twist on the hyped up angst they've been gloriously providing us with for the past 7 years! We can't wait to hear more! You can listen to "Too Real" HERE!