Slothrust - The Pact: Spit Shine the Past

>> Since 2012, Slothrust has been one of the go-to names in feminist grunge. With “The Pact”, they’re out to keep their crown.

The Good:

“The Pact” is one of the most diverse offerings to date from Slothrust. With their past hits, it’s been easy for people to pigeonhole them into one specific sound. “The Pact” lets you know that they’re not just sticking to what’s popular. Slothrust has an amazingly diverse sound, and this album gives you all of it. It starts out heavy, edgy, aggressive, but gets calmer and more downtrodden as the album goes on. By the time you get to “Some Kind Of Cowgirl”, you’re in a country-folk-inspired space for Leah Wellbaum to steal the show.

It’s not just the vocals that take the spotlight, though. Guitar solos, bass licks, even massive drum fills give each member of the group a chance to shine. “The Pact” isn’t a frontman’s vanity project (looking at you, “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino”), it's truly an ensemble piece. For a three-piece group, Slothrust has amazing mise en place.

The Bad:

While “The Pact” pays impressive homage to the Slothrust back catalog of deep cuts, it feels like it’s missing just one more aggressive hit-style track. “Double Down” splits the difference, neither fully sad nor intensely angry. “Peach” gets closer, and “Planetarium” truly hits the mark while adding some novel elements to the sound. The remaining nine tracks, however, are a slow slide of enthusiasm. They’re still engaging, still excellent, but don’t quite scratch the same itch.


“The Pact” hits an interesting conundrum. It somehow manages to sound like Slothrust without completely feeling like them. It’s a love letter to their first album but misses a bit of that grime we’ve come to expect from the group. It’s a little more grown-up, a little more professional, and technically speaking all the better for it -- but it could do with a touch more spirit. 4.4/5 <<

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