SYML and Mappe Of at Mohawk Place

>> This past Sunday, September 16th, we traveled over to Buffalo in order to see SYML and Mappe Of perform at Mohawk Place. When we arrived the place was packed with people of all ages eagerly awaiting their new favorite indie artist, SYML, to take the stage.

The talented avant folk singer/songwriter, Mappe Of, took to the stage first. His ethereal and haunting sounds filled the room. Everyone seemed in awe and completely moved by the lyrics and sounds emanating from the microphone. Each of the songs he played were off of his latest album, “A Northern Star, a Perfect Stone”, each more powerful than the last. I looked around to see everyone in the crowd mesmerized. You know you are in the presence of true talent when you see them capture the attention of everyone in the audience! When his set ended the crowd screeched, whooped, and hollered. He beamed with appreciation.

SYML was up next. He took to the stage dressed in black, from head to toe. He started off the set with his latest single, “WDWGILY”, the crowd was unbelievably hyped up! During his set, he took time to make jokes to the audience about the Bills game and gave the opportunity to have them ask him questions. We found out from these questions that his favorite color is black, no surprise there, and he is a dog person! His new lighting set was unfortunately stuck at a Fed Ex shipping station in Buffalo. While explaining this, he was hilariously called out by a fan for having the same excuse for not having merch at his last Buffalo show, at the Tralf Music Hall. He immediately, stood up and humbly apologized. Everyone giggled and the person was happy they were able to grab a vinyl from the merch table at this show! Despite the lack of the new lighting set, Van (their lighting person) was still able to provide a powerful light show to accompany the emotional performance! It brought everything to a new level. This show and lineup of incredibly talented and down-to-earth artists were absolutely beautiful. I left the show with a better appreciation for artists who take their time to tour and share their music with their fans in such an intimate way. <<

Listen to Mappe Of HERE!

Listen to SYML HERE!