Red Sun Rising, Shinedown, and Godsmack Rock Syracuse

>> Red Sun Rising set the stage for Shinedown and Godsmack. The crowd was eager to see the two acts, but mother nature had other plans. An hour and a half delay for rain and thunderstorm that sent fans to cram into their cars didn’t stop anyone from returning to witness the rest of the show, and the wait was well worth it. Nature can only delay an awesome set for so long, and Shinedown delivered just that.

Shinedown’s performance was filled with everything a fan would hope for: songs pulled from their increasingly extensive album set, lots of pyrotechnics and an unyielding amount of energy. They were rarely still, constantly moving around the stage, jamming out and exuding a sense of camaraderie few bands truly achieve so effortlessly. The band toured the amphitheatre midway through their set to meet fans on the lawn and ensure they felt included and returned to the edge of the lawn to begin their encore with a crowd chanted rendition of “Second Chance” before wrapping up their set with a pyrotechnically filled performance of “Devil” back on stage. As a band that has toured for nearly a decade and a half, their veteran status showed in their enthusiasm and ability to constantly get the crowd into the show. “Sound of Madness,” “Bully,” “State of my Head.” “Enemies,” and “Cut the Cord” were all part of an hour-long setlist that no one wanted to end. Fans wanted more, but eventually, the band had nothing left to give - save for an opportunity to hand the stage over to Godsmack.

After Shinedown’s insane hour-long romp on stage, Godsmack was a bit of a letdown. The band was a lot stiffer and less energetic. They still delivered a solid set filled with the rock ‘n roll sound thousands came to hear. Their set was filled with guitar jams and the booming lyrics from songs like recent songs, like “Bulletproof” and reached deep into their catalog for “Voodoo” and even farther for “I Stand Alone.”

It was still the rock show people wanted - even though it went out more with a whimper than a bang. <<