New Music Friday - Something for Everyone

1. "Straitdrop Magazine" by KZA K'LEE

KZA K'LEE, a Rochester hip-hop and beat artist, has recently released a new album and it is FIRE! We expect big things from this talented man! Listen to the new album HERE!

2. "Superior Emotion" by AlunaGeorge Feat. Cautious Clay

British duo AlunaGeorge released an absolutely beautiful new music video directed by Courtney Brookes. If you are a fan of this, don't you worry, they have an EP coming out on October 5th!

3. "Get Along" by Fade Awaays

This song is from a four piece indie-alternative garage rock group from Toronto! Unbelievably catchy and has a beautiful message to get along with the ones you love especially in hard times! Listen to the song HERE!

4. "Scratch" by Hop Hop

Hop Hop is the stage persona of American rapper, musician and producer Jaz Frazier. She is currently residing in the lovely city of Buffalo, New York and we cannot get enough of this jam!

5. "Valley" by Transviolet

Our friends in Transviolet have released a new EP that is an absolute banger! These talented peeps are only getting better and better! Listen to the new EP HERE!