All You Need is a 40oz. and Fidlar

>> When I arrived at the Cat’s Cradle in North Carolina it reminded me of the Bug Jar but on a much larger scale. Eager fans waited around for this banger rock n’ roll lineup. NOBRO, Dilly Dally, and Fidlar.

While waiting for the show to begin I came across a number of strange things. First, they were selling water cups for 25 cents. Second, no one had more than one cup of alcohol in their hand at a time. At first, I thought it was because people weren’t heavy drinkers down here but I later found out that there is a law in North Carolina that states you cannot hold more than one alcoholic beverage at a time. Double fisting is illegal. After the shock of this strange law wore off I was ready to hear some rock n’ roll and see some punks throw down in a mosh pit!

The first band, NOBRO, took to the stage and this all-girl band from Montreal fuckin rocked OUT! Dare I go as far as saying they might have rocked harder than Fidlar? Whoops...looks like I just did! Some songs managed to stop the mosh pit from raging on but that did not stop people from enjoying it by bouncing around on their own!

Dilly Dally was up next! This Toronto band was very unusual but absolutely amazing! Katie Monks’, the lead singer, voice was magical and a stunning contrast to the intensity of the music. The bassist, Jimmy Tony, jammed the fuck out and it was mesmerizing to see him enjoying every second of tossing himself around the stage and really getting into the music!

The crowd grew as each band played and the mosh pit was steadily thrashing along. Fidlar took to the stage and the crowd went wild! It was so hot in the venue you could feel the sweat in the air. “40oz. On Repeat” began to play, “Because everybody’s got somebody, everybody but me Why can’t anybody just tell me that I’m somebody’s?”. The lyrics hit hard in the feels. I still can’t believe it has been three years since ‘Too’ came out and I am finally seeing one Fidlar performing it live in front of my face. The energy was unbelievable. Fidlar just banged out their songs one after another, showcasing such incredible talent. If you haven’t had the chance to see them, I highly recommend you do so. This show was easily the highlight of my week. <<