Minus The Bear Says Farewell

The Seattle indie-rock band Minus the Bear played their first show in 2001. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. Their last shows will be in Seattle in December. In addition to their farewell tour Minus the Bear is launching an auction for the first in a series of four original paintings by artist and Minus the Bear bassist Cory Murchy, created for the cover of their forthcoming EP, Fair Enough, which comes out on October 19th. Cory said the following about the paintings and EP cover art:

“It was important for me to create a cover relevant to the band and our history, as well as something strong enough to stand on its own artistic merit. The picture we used for our first EP was a blurry photo of the band walking through the forest. We were grainy and not so well defined, monochromatic, youthful. This painting is a response to those same young men and the 17 year-long journey they took together. The human figures, now much more defined, have been replaced by shapes that are now finding their own colors to live in. Much less unified but still working within each other’s orbit. The wonder of the woods has been replaced with a milled piece of working lumber. It’s a representation of who we’ve become as individuals and I think it reflects the music in a lot of the same ways. Distilled by time and purpose.”

They are partnering with the charity, MusiCares, which is a nonprofit that provides support and community services to musicians in need of medical, personal, and financial assistance. This charity holds a special place in Cory's heart, as he personally benefited from their aid while struggling with a chronic back injury.

You can learn more about MusiCares at www.grammy.com/musicares.

For more about Cory Murchy and his paintings visit: www.cmurchy.com.

* = w/ Caspian

^ = w/ Tera Melos

# = with Helms Alee

Listen to their latest single "Viaduct" HERE!

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