Song Premiere - 'Did You Know You're Gold' by Air For Ants

>> Air For Ants was a solo experimental electronic project in 2010, at it's beginning; since then it has evolved into a full-fledged indie/pop/rock band fronted by the talented Dominic Sahagun. This single, "Did You Know You're Gold", is about a personal relationship. We asked Dominic Sahagun about the creation of the song, he replied, “'Did You Know You’re Gold' was predominantly recorded at The Institute of Audio Research in Union Square, New York City. But additional guitars were recorded in my living room, and the vocals were actually recorded in four different places on two different mics – New York, Houston, Las Vegas, and Wellfleet (MA).”

If you dig this song, you're in luck, the band has an album, 'Once Again With Feeling', coming out on October 26th! <<

Listen to the song HERE!

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