Way Down We Go To The Cone Denim

>> When I arrived at the Cone Denim Entertainment Center in Greensboro, North Carolina the outside looked as if I was there to see a film and not a show. Once I entered the venue the perspective changed immediately and it blew my mind! The space had two floors, the general admission area was standing only, while the second floor had seating similar to a movie theater. It was HELLA fancy, and of course, fancy comes with a price, the beers were $10 and you could only purchase brand water bottles, no free water cups. Tonight I was here to see Devon Gilfillian and Kaleo.

The crowd began pouring in as Devon got ready to hit the stage. Everyone began shouting, “Fuck yeah Devon”, it was so cool that the opener had so much support from the audience! Devon and his band put on a spectacular show with a crazy amount of energy and the perfect combination of rock and soul. Midway through their set, the band members stepped off the stage in order for Devon to give a little speech, saying, “ in this time and moment right now, we all are in need of some love, and if you know the lyrics, sing with me!” The band came back on stage and they began a downright magical and tear-jerking (vocals only) cover of ‘Lean On Me’, it was something we all needed.

With much anticipation, Kaleo took to the stage next. Everyone was screaming with excitement as the lights dimmed and their performance began. The lead singer of Kaleo, JJ Julius Son, has the voice of an angel. His powerful and clean vocals were mesmerizing. The combination of blues and rock n roll took me back to my time spent in Memphis and left me yearning for some BBQ. At one point, Thorleifur Gaukur Davidsson, the keyboardist, came up to the front of the stage and performed an absolutely wicked harmonica solo! Once their hit song, ‘Way Down We Go’, began to play everyone seemed to lose their mind, including me. The guy behind me kept shouting, “way down we fucking go! Wooooo!”, and you could easily tell how excited he was to hear it live.

Once Kaleo’s set was over I headed back to Devon’s green room to talk and take some photographs; so stay tuned for our interview with Devon Gilfillian! <<