>> The Ex-Poets are, Colin Killalea​ and Jordan Brooks, multi-instrumentalists who are based out of Los Angeles. Fun fact: this talented duo also happens to be apart of Albert Hammond Jr.'s band (yes, the same man who is also in The Strokes). They just recently released their new album, 'Too Much Future', on September 28th! Check out our interview with them below which includes, the creation of Ex-Poets, other artists that inspire them, and some advice for musicians!

Colin and Jordan, please tell us a little bit about yourselves. How did this dynamic musical duo come to be a reality?

We met studying music at the New School University in New York. Colin was playing tenor sax and I was playing upright bass. We did a session and hit it off, eventually, Colin asked me to play on his senior recital and all of a sudden he was playing guitar and singing beautifully. I was like, "You can do that too?!" Turns out he'd been playing guitar longer than saxophone. Ever since then we've been playing music together in all sorts of different contexts.

You all have released three new singles, one of them by the name, “Tracks”. What can you tell us about this absolute jam?

It was a song of Colin's that we had played live a handful of times but hadn't gotten released. We wanted to give it a groovy and spacey vibe. So we tracked it with our friends Brian Wolfe on drums and Frank Locrasto on keyboards, Colin layered his vocals beautifully.

If at all, how has your music evolved since starting making these velvety, dusky sounds?

Well, we went into the record with the idea of making chill out music. I think for the next record we'll try some different stuff and see what works. We enjoy playing all different types of music so we keep an open mind and just try to see what we're feeling that day.

Any musical icons or influencers that led you to become who you are today?

So many... I can name some friends who are inspiring: Tommy Crane, Frank Locrasto, Logan Richardson, Robby Sinclair. Really a lot of peers have pushed us into becoming better musicians.

Do you have any upcoming shows?

We're planning some in LA and San Francisco in December but no dates locked in yet. Check our twitter for updates.

Where was your favorite venue to perform at thus far? Do you have any places you always dreamed of performing at? If so, where?

I love Music Hall of Williamsburg and Bowery Ballroom. Playing on Jimmy Fallon at 30 Rockefeller Place was pretty awesome. I've always wanted to play at 9:30 Club in DC and of course the ultimate, Sydney Opera House, is on the bucket list.

What advice do you have for those who want to form a band/start a career in music?

My uncle once gave me the sound advice in high school, "You wanna become a musician? Get used to sleeping on couches." Seriously though, playing music is one of the most satisfying and contemplative things you can do. Everyone should be able to express themselves, start their own band. It's incredibly communal. And touring is kind of the ultimate small business model: you're on the road, spending your money on local businesses, supporting and getting business to local venues, bringing people together for a good cause. And once you plug in and play through a nice sound system, there's nothing like it.

Tour life...what has that been like for emerging artists such as yourselves?

We've toured at all different levels with different artists, Sometimes it's kinda cushy and sometimes it's hardcore. I think across the board the traveling is always intense, even on higher level tours. Touring is not for everyone, but I love it... getting to travel and getting to meet people from all walks of life is awesome, and of course, playing, that's the main attraction. For Ex-poets we'd love to open for bands that inspire us.

'Too Much Future' was released on September 28. What can you say about this album?

We're so happy to have it coming out into the world. We're excited to start work on a next one. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention our label Text Me Records who came as kind of a godsend and helped us push through the finish line. They're so awesome. <<

Listen to Ex-Poets HERE!

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