Looking into the Blue Light with SUN SILVA

>> SUN SILVA is made up of four very talented musicians, Oscar Gormley (guitar), Sam Becker (bass), Charlie Woof-Byrne (keys), and Jake Brown (drums). They recently released a song, 'Blue Light', that is featured on FIFA19! Check out our interview with them about how the band got together, inspirations, and what is in store for the future of SUN SILVA! 

What is the origin story of “SUN SILVA”, how did you come up with the name?

About 3 years ago we were idly disappearing down a YouTube rabbit hole and found a load of highlights from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. For unknown reasons the women’s basketball became a band favourite and in particular a player nicknamed ‘Magic Paula’. Her real name is ‘Maria Paula Silva’. We also enjoyed the women’s Judo gold medal match and were big fans of ‘Sun Hui Kye’ of the Korean team. Hence, SUN SILVA.

You officially launched yourselves as SUN SILVA earlier this year, but you all have been playing together for much longer. Is this your first band together? Why did you decide to start a band and make it something more than just jamming in a garage or basement?

We met at the Royal Academy of Music around 3 years ago and started playing together just for a bit of fun and to do something away from classical music. It was weird stuff to start with! Entirely instrumental and all acoustic instruments, a substantially far cry from the music we are making now. Oscar and I (Jake) ended up playing with the band Cat’s Eyes (the side project of Horrors frontman, Faris Badwan) in summer 2016 which was our first taste of tour life. We had fun, but it really just pushed us to work harder on SUN SILVA and we made our first recordings shortly after. 

Your debut single, 'Blue Light', came out on Sept. 3. Could you tell us a bit about it?

Blue light is about addiction to phones and social media. People place so much importance on their online social lives and spend hours staring at phone and computer screens. The light that is emitted from screens is known as 'blue light’ and apparently, it stimulates chemicals in our brain that keeps us awake.

Do you have any plans to release more singles, and/or an eventual EP? If you plan to release an EP, can you tell us anything about what we might expect from it?

We have plans to release two more singles in the short term, the next one being early in the new year. After that, who knows? We’ve got a lot of material recorded and many more tracks on the way. We all really want to do an EP/album but due to our meticulous nature that might take a little bit of time… 

Your musical backgrounds are all quite diverse – from piano and guitar to “classical percussion” and “baroque bassoon”. How would you describe your overall sound, and where would you see your music going?

I like to think we have quite an expansive sound that draws on a lot of influences. There are definitely aspects of classical music used in the writing process, but I would say we are equally inspired by bands that we all loved growing up; The Maccabees, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Radiohead to name a few. 

You’ve got some tours coming up in the UK. Where are you most looking forward to playing?

As we’ve never toured as a band before we’re looking forward to playing everywhere! Sam and Charlie are from Manchester and Bristol respectively and they are two of the dates on the Jack Saunders/Hopscotch tour. It’s always nice to play at home, right? 

‘Blue Light’ was featured on EA Sports’ FIFA19 soundtrack, which is cool! Can you tell us how this opportunity came to be?

It’s very cool! We’ve often joked about trying to get a song on FIFA so when this happened it was unbelievably exciting. As for how it happened, Neymar drew our name out of a bowl, shaped liked Gary Lineker’s head. That’s the official story…

Outside of music, what else do you guys enjoy doing? Is there anything in particular that keeps your creativity flowing?

We enjoy hanging out and going to the pub, occasionally we’ll have a bit of a kick about. Going to watch gigs, concerts and films etc. is a great way to keep ideas fresh. We love seeing what other people are up to and we are constantly being influenced by the work of other artists. 

What’s the strangest, or most random, thing you have been inspired by when it comes to writing music?

Inspiration comes from lots of strange places, Oscar used one of his dad’s jokes as the basis of the lyrics for our 3rd single!

Do you have any suggestions for songs or bands we should be listening to right now?

We’re all enjoying the new Villagers album, interesting sounds, and great production. 

I set myself the task of listening to all the Mercury nominated albums this year and Everything Everything’s ‘A Fever Dream’ was a real stand out. 

A couple of weeks ago we supported Jungle at their album launch and they were amazing, can’t recommend their new album enough. <<


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