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Rainbow Kitten Surprise-d Buffalo!

>> On Monday, October 1st, Rainbow Kitten Surprise lit up the Town Ballroom in Buffalo. The cozy venue made the whole concert feel personal, bringing the band directly to the crowd. Caroline Rose warmed up the crowd with some upbeat indie rock vibes. Caroline, the lead singer, absolutely owned the stage kicking it with some red converse as she bopped around the stage. All of the band members were electrifying the crowd and preparing us for the main act.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise came running out on the stage and kept the energy up the for the entirety of the show. Sam Melo (the lead singer) is a born performer and is just intoxicating to watch. The music would overtake him at times, to the point where he just crumpled to the ground. The band played top hits like 'Devil Like Me', 'Cocaine Jesus', and 'First Class'. Maybe it was the devoted fans that made up the crowd or just the band’s passion for their craft, regardless this concert had energy and passion that brought us all a little closer at the end of the night. As the lead guitarist, Darrick “Bozzy” Keller stressed, you have to remind your friends how much you love and appreciate them. That night I think we all felt like friends of Rainbow Kitten Surprise. <<

Listen to Rainbow Kitten Surprise HERE!

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