Kate Teague - The Dream-Pop Queen

>> This Mississippi dream-pop artist, Kate Teague, has one of the most beautiful voices. Her songs will make you reflect, wonder, and feel an intense connection to your emotions. She is in the process of working on an album that will be released in 2019. While we eagerly await this release, check out our interview with this talented lady!

When did you decide you wanted to pursue music? What or who ultimately influenced you to do so?

I probably began fantasizing about the idea of pursuing a music career in high school. Although it was something I knew I wanted to do, I waited until I felt 100% confident in the music that I was making before “going for it.” My parents played a major role in encouraging me to continue pushing forward, especially my dad. When I was going through periods in my life where music was not in the forefront, he was the one asking me if I had written any songs lately, which secretly motivated me, although I would never admit that to him.

Who are you currently listening to?

Nadine Khouri, Yo La Tengo, TOPS, Rosemary Fairweather.

What do you do to find inspiration when you feel stuck and uninspired?

I like changing up guitar tunings and finding new ways to play chords. Most of the time, I’m still playing standard chords, but for some reason, the re-tuning helps me clear my head. I also love finding new keyboard filters and playing around with those too.

What do you hope people are thinking about and feeling when they listen to your music?

Wonder, nostalgia, calm, heartache.

You are working on an album that will be released in 2019, can you tell me a bit about this creative process?

Writing this album has been an interesting process. I had no intentions of releasing a full-length album until I released Low Life. After receiving the response that I did, I decided to make plans to write a full length. I’ve had a good bit of songs in my back pocket but I’ve also been writing a lot for it. We recorded the first five songs in May and plan to record the last five in November. Still writing as we speak.

What are your top five dream pop artists?

Air Mazzy Star Slowdive Grouper Melody’s Echo Chamber

How has the culture of Mississippi influenced your music?

I’ve always lived in the south, but I think Mississippians make a genuine effort to support their arts community. Personally, I have become much more invested in developing my love for arts and culture since I’ve moved to Mississippi. I think that drive has encouraged me to push the envelope in terms of my artistic abilities and become much more comfortable and confident in the music I’m inclined to make.

What is the hardest truth you have ever heard or realized?

You will disappoint some people that you value in your life, and that’s okay.

In your opinion, what is the most powerful emotion? What do you do to make this powerful emotion benefit you and those around you?

For me personally, the most powerful emotion is nostalgia. My memory does not serve me well and when I can recall the way a certain moment in my life made me feel, it’s revitalizing. I like to be by myself and live in that moment for just a bit. I don’t really intentionally encourage others to feel that emotion, though.

What do you do to be good to yourself?

I like having Saturday’s to myself to do whatever I like, which usually involves walks, errands, coffee, and writing music. <<

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