Mavi Phoenix - Young Prophet II: Songs At War

>> When you think of Austria, pop-rap probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. With “Young Prophet II”, Mavi Phoenix is looking to change that.

The Good:

Mavi Phoenix has one of the most unique styles out there right now. Take the Colombian influences of Kali Uchis, add some Mean Girls-style African drums, and top it off with aggressive lo-fi autotuned vocals. Sure, this EP doesn’t expand much on her established sound, but it doesn’t need to. Until someone else catches up, Mavi Phoenix stands alone.

Now, these elements don’t always work well together. What’s interesting about Mavi Phoenix’s approach, though, is that the discord actually improves the final product. Rather than a smooth CHVRCHES-style synthesis of different genres, Mavi makes tracks into war zones. Every instrument is fighting, trying to prove itself the dominant force in the song. It’s chaotic, it’s angry, and it’s awesome.

The Bad:

“Young Prophet II” has exactly one new song. Every other track off this EP has been released as a single, so “7Eleven” is the only thing we’re hearing for the first time. It seems like Mavi Phoenix is writing all the time, and then never actually waiting to release anything. Sure, it gets more content out into the world, but it’s disappointing when your highly-promoted EP turns out to be a single without even a B-side.


“Young Prophet II” is a weird EP to analyze. On the surface, on half the tracks, nothing works together. It’s dissonant, it’s weird, yet somehow Mavi Phoenix pulls it off. She’s managed to create a new level of quality for music. Calling this EP just good does it a disservice; at the same time, it’s not so-bad-it’s-good. It just shouldn’t be good, by any logical approach to music theory. Yet here it is -- fucking great. 4/5 <<

Listen to "Young Prophet II" HERE!

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