All Eyes (and ears) on Basement Revolver

>> This indie-rock trio, from Hamilton, Ontario, is made up of members, Chrisy Hurn (guitarist/vocalist), Nimal Agalawatte (bassist/synth player), and Brandon Munro (drummer)! We recently had the opportunity to ask Chrisy some questions about their latest album, 'Heavy Eyes', art, and performing! Check out what she had to say below!

What is the origin story behind the name Basement Revolver?

Haha, I lived in a basement apartment and I was trying to think up a band name. That’s pretty much it?

How did you all meet, and why is Hamilton, Ontario, Canada your home base?

Nimal and I met growing up, and we both moved to Hamilton for post-secondary school. We played in a couple bands together. Nimal met Brandon at school, and we all started playing together. Hamilton is home base because honestly, I fell in love with this city 8 ish years ago when I moved here for school. I don’t anticipate ever leaving.

Congrats on releasing your debut album ‘Heavy Eyes’! Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it?

Yeah - most songs are autobiographical and about shit that I’ve been going through for the past few years. It is called Heavy Eyes, because it is about that calm feeling after the storm, and just feeling tired.

‘Heavy Eyes’ has been described as “’90s infused indie rock with fuzzy dreamy pop” and that the tracks are “intimate stories and personal wounds from her past.” Would it be too revealing to ask you to briefly describe the story/inspiration behind each of the tracks?

I’m fairly open about where songs are coming from - how about I tell you the meaning to each song in three words or less and it will feel cryptic haha.

1. Baby - happy but sad 2. Johnny - pumpkin eater 3. Dancing - boredom/apathy 4. Friends - whoopsie daisy 5. Knocking - honesty about trauma 6. Johnny pt. 2 - denial about a breakup 7. Words - writing my thesis 8. Wait - first time touring 9. Tree trunks - environment/panic attacks 10. You’re okay - self-consciousness 11. Heavy eyes - tired 12. Diamonds - unrequited love

Your Instagram bio says you like art, and judging by some of your posts you also enjoy making it! What is your favorite medium to work with?

I like to make multimedia paintings/collages. I feel like it doesn’t take a long time to make things that way - and I am very impatient!

You created the album and singles art for ‘Heavy Eyes’. Can you tell us a bit about your inspiration, creative process, and the significance of the images you chose to incorporate?

Yeah - so since my senior art exhibition at university, I have been exploring the idea of everyday sainthood. How people, day to day, deep in their struggle, are in fact saints - I guess the idea of saint ness has always just meant “special” to me. The style was originally inspired by orthodox iconography but it has a little bit gotten away from that? Anyways, this theme has followed me through a lot.

You’ve toured across Canada and the US, and now you’re going on tour in the UK supporting Amber Arcades. Where is somewhere you would love to either tour or travel to, and why?

Literally anywhere and everywhere. I love traveling - so the fact that we get to do it is cool. I would like to eventually be on every continent, but we will see about that.

What is your favorite thing about performing?

I think that I have to tell myself to be more confident than I am? I think it’s like exposure therapy to being kind to myself?

Do you ever get the pre-show jitters? If so, do you have any tried-and-true remedies or rituals to help calm your nerves?

Yep! And mid-show jitters. Sometimes I yell at myself mid-song to stay in it. Also, I used to feel very not cool, and my friend Gessie told me that my new mantra should be “Gessie thinks I’m cool” when I’m freaking out. It works, cause mostly it cheers me up!

Who are you listening to currently? Currently, Andy Shauf is playing in the background of this coffee shop. But also, very into Mount Eerie and LaDispute this week! <<

Listen to Basement Revolver HERE!

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