>> Parrot Dream is Brooklyn-based dream pop band that was formed by Christina Hansen Appel (vocals, keys) and Gonzalo Guerrero (guitar) back in Santiago, Chile in 2013. The band recently released a new album, 'Light Goes', and we were fortunate to ask them questions about their album, aesthetic, and Chile!

Please describe each song on your latest album, "Light Goes", as if it were a specific color.

Light Goes (In Mines): I imagine blood red dripping down *

Follow Me: Glowing white orbs coming into focus

1740: Dark yellow almost puce - colors you might find if you dig deep in the earth

Paradise & Prey: Midnight grey - whatever is happening in this song is happening in the twilight

Julio: Navy blue waves rolling on the surface of water

By Your Side: Shimmering peach expansiveness

Fall Forward: Velvet brown - soft layers spin out

Cloudchaser: Forest green - a bright forest green, hard to miss and not good for camouflage

Ode to Octavia: Deep purple of a southern hemisphere sky

Helium: Rose gold repeated in diamond-like patterns Your aesthetic is absolutely beautiful and looks very well thought out!! What influences the designs you choose to express your band's identity?

Thank you! Gonzalo is a designer and created all of the art Parrot Dream uses, including the album art. The album inserts were designed and printed by him at his risograph studio, Secret Riso Club. Gonzalo is often inspired by a surreal interpretation of dreams, so organic and geometric shapes, abstract elements, and patterns, all seen through a haze. What do you think parrots dream of?

Parrots dream of cloud-like nests and soft breezes. Could you describe the process of making this latest album?

The process of making this album reflects the scope of our musical trajectory and mirrored our transition to life in NY after moving from Santiago, Chile. The songs track the process of trying to set up a life here. Essentially we compiled songs written during this period of transition, recorded them last year over a period of 4 months, and joined Good Eye Records. What do you miss most about Chile?

The higher frequency of human interactions free of meritocratic bias. What show or movie on Netflix would you want your music to be the soundtrack for?

Dr. Who (new season), Black Mirror or anything by David Lynch What do you imagine people do/think about when listening to your music?

Returning to colors, people might imagine shifting layers and textures of light and color and hazy, shadowed protagonists. Name five Chilean artists that you are inspired by and why. Violeta Parra - She was a brilliant artist, musician, anthropologist; she truly needed to create to live.

Nicanor Parra - He is known as the anti-poet, lived until the age of 103.

Pedro Lemebel - Writer, artist and activist - bravely anti-authoritarian from a queer perspective - his writing style is inspirational in its crude beauty and precision when describing the political reality he lived through in Chile.

Anita Tijoux - An incredible musician and hip-hop artist - her work is radically political and seeks to empower.

Roberto Matta - Surrealist painter - Kiki fell in love with one of his paintings on her first trip to Chile, and carried around the postcards for a year. What Spanish music/artists have influenced your sound?

There really isn’t a Latinx artist or band that we can pinpoint as being a musical influence. What would you like to say to your fans?

Thank you for your support - l@s queremos!! <<

Listen to 'Light Goes' HERE!

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