>> This London singer-songwriter, Archie Faulks, is passionate about writing and has been on a journey to stay true to himself! He continues to follow his heart and maintain happiness by creating beautiful songs to put out into the world! Check out the interview we did with him below!

What made you want to break away from the Tenterhook moniker?

It acted as something to hide behind I guess. I was passionate about songwriting but unsure about my musical direction. All the new songs were written alone in my bedroom and are very personal so it seemed natural to start releasing under my own name. How much time did you spend away from the public to focus on new music?

It was probably around two and a half years. I was doing other things: working, studying etc, but it all came back to writing songs every evening hence felt I needed to release more music.

How did it feel to get promotion from radio programs like Zane Lowe and Radio X?

Always exciting to hear yourself on the radio. For Zane Lowe, I was with my old friends playing poker and they refused to stop the game so had to deal myself out and go listen on my own in the corner of the room haha.

In the folk and acoustic traditions, a large focus is spent on lyrics. What are some of your favorite things to write about?

Love, life, places, and people.

You played your first headline show recently. How did it feel knowing you've worked to get up to this point?

Was great to play to such a receptive audience who seemed genuinely excited to hear what I have been writing. It seemed as if everyone enjoyed and I know I certainly did.

What are some of the pros and cons of recording in a studio versus playing live?

The studio is much more of a mental battle. On stage, muscle memory and adrenaline kicks in and before you know it the show is over. The long days and the permanence of the recording process can start getting to you. Luckily I am working with a brilliant producer (Eliot James) who makes the whole process a ball!

What are your future plans for music? Can we expect a full length?

There will be a string of singles than an album out next year!

What are some of the main themes you'd like people to get out of your music?

Being real and true to oneself, dealing with coming of age in the digital age plus, and probably mainly, a romanticism of life and the city.

What are some of your favorite memories you've made across your career?

Supporting Asgeir on tour around Europe and living with him and his band on a bus for a month was pretty surreal. I got the chance to meet some of my idols growing up as well which is always a thrill.

As you continue to progress, what are some milestones you'd like to hit?

Just keep writing and recording music that makes me happy and feels true to myself. So I guess achieve enough success to enable me to do so. <<

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