New Music Friday - Weekend Mix

1. "Can't Knock The Hustle" by Weezer

The song is Weezer's first single off of their forthcoming album, 'The Black Album', which is set to release in 2019. This new video stars stars Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and was produced by Jerry Media (founded by @FuckJerry).

2. "Little Red" by Tart Vandelay

Tart Vandelay is an indie-pop duo out of Rochester, New York! Katie Halligan (vocals/keys/production) and Marty LoFaso (vocals/guitar/production) are both very talented and dedicated to their passion for music! Listen to the song HERE!

3. "Buddy" by Du Blonde

Du Blonde is the UK-based musician, Beth Jeans Houghton, her deep voice is absolutely beautiful! She has a new album, 'Lung Bread For Daddy', which comes out on February 22 in 2019! This music video stars a bathtub, 3 bottles of vegetable oil, and 37 packets of spaghetti.

4. "Sold Down the River" by Velvet Starlings

Velvet Starlings is Christian Gisborne. He is only 15 years-old! This talented man is a indie rock singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist! If you are a fan of Maybird you will dig this! Listen to the song HERE!

5. 'Black Dog In My Path' by Yowler

Yowler is solo project of Maryn Jones. She is based out of Philadelphia! This album is perfect to start your weekend with some nice chill vibes. Listen to the album HERE!