Nothing is Mundane About Goo Munday

>> Goo Munday is an electropunk/dark EDM producer and musician from Sydney, Australia! This talented artist has her hand in all aspects of her art; from creating and directing her own music videos to producing and mixing songs, she does it all! Check out our interview with her below about her latest EP, inspirations, and what she does to keep the creative energy flowing!

What is the origin story for “Goo Munday”?

I've been making music for many years, I started with classical piano, then guitar, then drums. I used to play in rock bands, and electro bands, once I discovered music production, I couldn’t believe the amount of possibilities and have been addicted ever since. I decided to study really hard on not only composing but also mixing. I made music under the name of Goo, which was mainly just electro-pop, but I then had an awakening and started becoming Goo Munday. The name Munday is my late grandmother's maiden name, whom I feel a great connection to when I make my music. My dark sound and aesthetic has come from me facing my biggest fears and anxiety last year, head on and now I embrace the darkness, rather than pretending it doesn't exist.

Your debut, self-titled EP dropped on Oct. 8. Can you tell us a bit about it?

My EP is my first official body of work, It's 5 tracks and goes through a journey that I experienced last year, from losing someone very close to me, to then finding them. I also express my struggles as a vegan, my love for animals and the ability to overcome fear and always be in the present moment.

Your debut single, and the first from the album, ‘Where Did You Go?’, was released earlier this year – I dig it! What was the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration behind the track "Where did you go?" was when I lost someone very close to me and was finally waking up to the fact that he is a huge part of me and I was having such a deep desire to reconnect again, this song expresses just how much this person is my soul mate whether I like it or not.