>> Winnetka Bowling League is the latest musical endeavor of the talented Matthew Koma. If you haven't listen to the band yet, I highly suggest you do! These smooth California indie-pop sounds will make you want to dance along! We had the opportunity to ask Matthew some questions about this new project, check out his answers below!

Tell us a bit about you and what inspired you to start Winnetka Bowling League. I was starting to get really bored creatively and wanted to do something that was a little closer to my roots. I had spent a few years focusing on other artist's records, writing songs with them and producing for them...My friend Dan and I got together and wrote the song "On The 5" one afternoon and it felt like the start of something. I wanted to be in whatever that band was and I was excited to explore what it could be. Very quickly, a bunch of songs came together that felt like they belonged in that same world. It was all very organic and effortless. Why the name Winnetka Bowling League? It's the name of my bowling league...I sort of took on the hobby at a friend's suggestion and joined a bowling team with his entire family. After I wrote the first song, I had to go to bowling, so I just labeled the "Artist" of the song as "Winnetka Bowling League". What artists are you currently listening to? I love Hatchie. Her songs are really great. The new Dawes record blows my mind. I'm such a fan of his words. Also, everything Rostam has been putting out is wonderful. Going to catch his show tomorrow night for the first time. Are you working on a new EP or album? If so, what can you tell us about it? We finished the EP and it came out September 21st. We are well into making an album also. I think because it's all relatively new, the faucet is really running and the ideas keep coming. It's just really natural and fun. Most of the EP was recorded in New York in the freezing cold, which is sort of odd for how California-influenced it is lyrically and musically. Now we're back in LA and making our way through the rest. What do you do to relax? I'm a big fan of the Sunday hike. We have four dogs so there's always someone down for the journey. If your music could be on the soundtrack to any television show, what show would you want it to be and why? Hardest question. This week, "Billions" so I could be one degree from Paul Giamatti. Do you have any goals for this project, if so what are they? To find our audience. I really want to be ten years down the line with a bunch of records under our belts we're proud of. To be able to show up to different cities and play music for people who feel a connection to it. To start a conversation that goes on for a long time, really. That's what I love about all the artists I'm passionate about...the connection. I'd love for us to provide that for people. What do you want to say to those who dig your music? Thank you for giving us a shot. We're excited to know you. Excited to grow with you. Let us buy you a coffee. <<

Listen to the new EP HERE!

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