>> Kyle Thomas, also known as King Tuff, is a rock n' roll star! This talented man has been making psychedelic indie rock hits since 2006 and has been touring constantly. We were fortunate enough to ask him some questions about his latest album "The Other" and his creative process! He also offered some wise advice! Check out this rad and hysterical interview!

Please relate each song in your latest album, "The Other", to different foods.

Holy smokes! *Haha*, alright okay.

"The Other" - Is like a big old tropical salad. Maybe not tropical. Scratch that. It's a grain bowl! Okay, It's one of them healthy grain bowls you get off Sunset in echo park. With some kimchi in it.

"Raindrop Blue" - That's gotta be an Italian... a rainbow Italian ice from like a pizza place New York City, the ones that cost a dollar that comes in a little paper cup that you suck on afterwards.

"Through the Cracks" - That's Thanksgiving right there. The whole thing; freakin’ turkey legs, gravy all up in there, freakin’ my mom makes these sweet potatoes with the roasted marshmallows on top. Holy smokes!

"Psycho Star" - I’m gonna go straight up two tacos. You know its a simple food but it's perfect. "Infinite Mile" - An all you can eat buffet. *haha*. You know you can just keep eating. Infinitely.

"Birds of Paradise" - Okay now, now we've got the tropical salad. You know its, a salad with some freakin’ nectarines in it, maybe a mandarin orange. It's a fruit salad I guess! It's like the fruit you get on the corner in LA. The fruit guy who leaves chili, and salt, and lime all over it, and it's to die for!

"Circuits in the Sand" - That's the food of the future. Maybe it's the soylent. It's like a manufactured type of food, that astronauts would eat, it's not very good.

"Ultraviolet" - OMG, freakin’ one of them purple super smoothies. You know? Like a, it's like a berry blast smoothie!

"Never Ending Sunshine" - Freakin’ fresh squeezed orange juice in the early mornin’.

"No Man's Land" - It's a can of baked beans, next to a hobo fire. And maybe like a hotdog on a twig.

So I have a few more questions for you if that's okay.

Wow, we made it through that. Yeah!

How has your creative process changed over time?

I’d say that its a little bit harder now, I think when I was a little bit younger it flowed a little more freely, and I just wasn't thinking about it, I didn't have much of a filter. But now I just really have to sit down to work, where now there are just a lot more distractions. You know, its become my job, so its added a different layer to it. But besides that, still need to get in the zone, like how I did when I was young. But getting into that zone is trickier.

How do you get into that zone?

I really have to not be distracted by anything, by phones, or friends, anything like that. In the past, it would be late at night, so nothing else was going on. But it's basically giving myself that time and that space, and being disciplined about it.

What do you do to unplug from the hectic music life?

It's a little hard, but when I get back from tour, you can ask most musicians about this...it takes a while to get back to being normal after a tour because you basically go from 100% to 0. You're left wondering what your purpose is, so you're just kind of home not knowing what to do with yourself, but its kind of this post-tour vacuum you’ve created. But, by the time your out of that, its time to go on tour again. Usually, the time between tours is pure confusion.

Your father's interest in music was a big influence on your career path, what are some of the artists you grew up hearing?

I mean obviously... my dad is a big psychedelic rock fan, so classic stuff like Hendrix and Grateful Dead. Stuff like Blue Cheer, heavy guitar music, and stuff from the 60's and 70's.

Could you describe yourself if you were a hat?

If you take a look at the stuff that I wear you can get a representation of that. I make all of them, you know I collect junk, charms, and things. I'll just put a whole buncha shit on a piece of cloth and call it a day.

What are some artists that you’ve been currently listening to?

I’ve been listening to a lot of avant-garde, experimental type things. I’ve got a record I'm really into, by a guy named Richard Horowitz, its called Arrows in Arabia, it's from the early 80's, it's like a bunch of synths...I don't even know how to describe it. It's a lot of instrumental things, not a lot of vocal-based things.

What is one piece of advice you'd like to share with your fans?

Whatever it is you are into, whatever your passion is, whatever you want to do in life, the key is to be relentless. Because usually you'll think to quit but more often than not there are all kinds of zigs and zags in the road, but you just gotta keep going with it. If you’re relentless with it, and you can do whatever you want! <<

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