Phony Ppl - mō'zā-ik.: The Status Is Not Quo

>>Phony Ppl are all about going against the flow. With their latest release, “mō'zā-ik.”, they’re upsetting more than just the status quo.

The Good:

“mō'zā-ik.” is nothing if not innovative. With its lo-fi samples and unnatural beats, it truly makes an effort to be different from everything else. The ambient genre gives Phony Ppl a lot of room to explore, and they take full advantage of the opportunity. It’ll be a while before you hear anything else like “mō'zā-ik.”.

The Bad:

That said, Phony Ppl aren’t quick to change up their own formula. Each track on “mō'zā-ik.” would sound totally unique in a playlist, but they start to blur when listening straight through the album. It’s almost like a release written for your Discover Weekly: similar enough to find its way into your playlist, but different though to stand out.

That desire to stand out seems to go past the songwriting and find its way into the album’s mixing. It sounds like Phony Ppl noticed the bass-forward tone of modern headphones, but decided they wanted an even EQ. On balanced speakers, “mō'zā-ik.” comes across as leaning very heavily on treble and midrange. It’s almost as if it was mixed on Beats, and can only sound right through them.


“mō'zā-ik.” is first and foremost an attack on what’s normal in ambient music. It’s got a unique synthesis of genres that wouldn’t be easy for anyone else to replicate, and it sticks to its guns in the face of normalcy. It may not always work, and it could stand to have a touch more diversity of sound, but it’s an excellent step towards an amazing ambient feel. 7/10 <<

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