Brick + Mortar - The Underdog's Wonderland

>> What do you do when you’re walking around in a world that seems to have no place for you? Brandon Asraf and John Tacon decided to craft one of their own. The two met and began playing music together in middle school. After a few projects with additional band members, they came to the conclusion that they were meant to be a duo and are now celebrating a ten-year run under the band name Brick+Mortar. Not easily defined, the band has a unique sound that incorporates indie and electric rock with the catchy undertones of pop. This eclectic style has carved them an outsider’s throne that has gained them a loyal following that stretches far beyond their kingdom in Ashbury Park.

So what does this underdog’s wonderland look like? In an exclusive interview, they gave us a glimpse, “It’s definitely an honest world. Lots of beautiful creatures to hear and see. In our world, you can become intoxicated with our sights and sounds, but watch out for the dangerous dark truths lurking around the corner.” This vision peers out at us through their latest music video for Saturday Night off of Meta Meta Ect. which takes the viewer on a backwards trip through the transformation of a businessman as we contemplate being strange among strangers. “Our world is full of symbolism reflecting the earth we live on.”

With their new album Meta Meta Ect. released just over a month ago the duo admits they’ve already started writing the next one.

“For us making Meta Meta Etc. was a proving ground of sorts. The experience of making this record really reassured us that we know what we are doing and have actually grown as songwriters.” The band has worked under a few record labels over the years, but this album was released independently. Brandon’s focus in his writing has often been a darker observation of the human condition he told us, “I really wanted to dive into the topics and themes I didn’t see people singing about. It’s a personal record and looking back, it’s a lot of my problems with myself and how I have thought in the past.”

The band speaks to the feelings of abandonment and alienation through their music. While these themes have run deep in their childhoods and adult lives, they hope to encourage understanding and empathy as well. Brandon explains, “I just try to convey the pointlessness of hate in some of our music. Everyone gets upset and strong feelings are hard to overcome, but hate will rot you from the inside out.” It’s no easy task to tackle the life of an underdog, but these two do it with purpose and a style all their own never forgetting to leave a message of love. John told Floated, “I spread positivity in my own way through talking to fans while on tour. The idea that these strangers take time out of their day to come and watch us because they love our songs is pretty amazing. The fact that we can talk about what’s happening in their life and maybe offer them a solution to a problem they are having is something money can’t buy.” ...

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