>> Castlecomer is a five-piece band from Sydney, Australia that blew up the Spotify charts with their single, "Fire Alarm"! The band is comprised of member Bede (vocals/guitar), Tommy (lead guitar), Joe (bass), Neely (keys), and Patch (drums). They recently released their debut album, 'Castlecomer', and have been touring with Big Data and Fitness on The Alt Nation Tour! Check out our interview with Bede below!

Your new debut album is out now! How excited are you? What were some of highlights and lowlights of making this album?

We’re so excited mate, we’ve just gone ahead and booked out Madison Square Garden for 2020. There’s no indication we’ll play it, and to be honest, if we can’t get the numbers maybe we’ll just take the loss and play an intimate show to our family, but hey, you gotta go hard or go home! No lowlights of making this album, it was made over 4 different sessions at 4 studios with 3 different producers. We basically put 3 EP’s together because we were too poor to hit out the full album at once.

As a band composed of primarily family, how (if at all) does that affect the writing and performing of the songs?

For this album, I wrote all the songs on an acoustic guitar in a share house in Sydney and once I’d write one I’d bring it to the band and get an immediate reaction from them as to whether it is good or bad. They’re the filtering process and because they’re family, they’re extremely honest and brutal, but it makes you a better songwriter.

You ended up quitting your job to focus on the band full time. Was this a hard decision to make?

No, it’s easy to quit your job. It was harder holding down a job and trying to write great songs after a 10-hour day of work. I think for any artist to truly be able to create something with purpose, you need to not be too tired or run down by the problems of others, which is 90% of what a day job is. The real issue for that time was affording the Sydney rent while I’m bumming around writing songs for 8 hours a day. I spent all my money.

So you guys have played tons of shows over in Australia. Have shows in the states been different? How does it feel to be direct support on this upcoming tour with Big Data?

The Alt Nation Tour with Big Data has so far been amazing. Great responses in each city! To be honest, we feel that the responses we get to our live shows, whatever city or country we’re in, are usually the same. Everyone gets gee’d up off the energy in the room and we all sweat, dance and have fun.

What are some of your favorite songs from this album?

I think our best “written” tune is All Of The Noise. I think our best live tune is “Make Love Make Music” and we’re currently playing “Apes” the best. But ask me again next week, the answers will be different!

Describe the process of transforming your electrifying single "All of the Noise" into a bare-bones performance.

The songs on the album are probably 85% band live performance and 15% production. We don’t use track or muck around with too many strange production sounds - its pretty simple rock n roll. So, therefore, performing the songs live is really easy and then stripping them back to the way they were written, on acoustic guitar, is also very simple!

What kinds of feelings are you hoping to evoke with this new album?

Youth. Escapism. Love. Hope.

Do you guys have any future plans after this next tour?

Yeah, we’re going to quickly duck back to Australia to see the fam for Christmas!

What's the biggest difference between America and Australia? In general.

The beer, coffee, sports, accent, animals, politics, music scene, universities, gun laws. But in the end, we’re all just humans baby!

Realistically, who could you see yourself touring with next?

Not sure – bigger the better. <<

Listen to the new album HERE!

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