>> Dirty Heads are one of the most popular alternative hip-hop reggae bands. They have many chart-topping hits such as "Lay Me Down", "Vacation", and "My Sweet Summer" just to name a few! We recently had the opportunity to ask Duddy B some questions about family life, music, and Mary Jane! Check out the interview below!

What do you do to balance your tour and family life?

It's definitely a challenge, but I think with anything, you do what you can. At end of the day, this is our job so we gotta go do it, and when we're home we make the best of it with our families. You know most of us, our families, including our wives and girlfriends have been here since the beginning, so they are used to us being gone, but we just make it work the best we can!

Do your children listen to your music?

*laughs* Unfortunately, they do.

What is their favorite Dirty Heads song?

It changes, it changes a lot, you could say, “Believe”.

What do you do to foster your children's creativity?

I do a lot with them, I encourage them to do a lot of different things, and whichever way they gravitate towards, I do whatever I can to help them advance in that area!

In your opinion, what does the education need to improve in the music and art programs?

I just think they need more of it...I know a lot of schools don't even have a musical arts program, so I think having it accessible in all schools would be a start!

Are you guys working on any new music at the moment?

Yeah. We’re always writing, always working on stuff. We don't have anything set in stone yet but we're always writing and always thinking about what's next.

Who are you currently listening to?

Currently listening to a lot of Willie Nelson actually.

What is your favorite strain to smoke before a show?

Whatever I have around at that time, *laughs* whatever is available at that time.

How often do you actually have a dirty head?


What is your go-to munchie on the road?

Muddy Buddies.

What reggae legend do you wish you could go on tour with?

Bob Marley.

Do you ever hotbox your tour bus?

Every day!

Legalization, of marijuana, What do you hope changes to make this movement go further?

As long as we keep changing people's perspective on it, I think the more it grows and the more people start to see it's not that bad. Just keep doing what we're doing and keep spreading the good word.

What would you like to say to your fans?

We’ll see you this fall, on tour! <<

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