Slywave Tackles North Carolina

>> As I walked onto Sir Sly’s tour bus Landon was killing it on the PGA tour game! Rocking the Xbox 360 as he turned back and told Hayden, “we leveled up!” It was a nice hang and talk with the boys before their show, getting to know them a little bit more. Our interview with Sir Sly will be in our next issue (Issue 6) of Floated Magazine! For the meantime, check out our latest issue featuring Grandson!

As I wrapped up everything I ran to into Joey Mornielli of Joywave! For those who do not know him, he is the nicest guy! He gave me a nice big hug and we caught up a little bit before we both had to go get ready for the show. I already knew it was going to be an amazing night!

Tonight’s lineup was somewhat like a home away from home...being able to see the famous Rochestarians, Joywave, co-headline with Sir Sly and with a banger bonus, a chance to finally see Flora Cash live!!!!

At the venue door, I ran into my favorite security dude and scored fistbump before heading inside. The good vibes continued. It was an amazing feeling to see that the show was sold out, and the crowd was excited about the stacked lineup!

Flora cash took to the stage first. Their set was very nice and intimate. Being able to hear both their lovely voices was such a treat! They interacted with the crowd a lot and were just straight up fucking nice people! Unfortunately, there were minor technical difficulties toward the end; however, this mishap turned into such an amazing gift, as the band acoustically performed their hit song, “You’re Somebody Else”. The song hit me was definitely my #1 heartbreak track of the summer.

Sir Sly hopped on stage next. Their magical light-up brain and dramatic backlit lights set the mood as they started off their set. Honestly, Landon has always impressed me so much with the amount of energy and passion he always puts into his music and performances. If you haven’t got the chance to see them live yet, oh man you are missingggggg outtttttt!!!! Landon constantly jumped around on stage, jamming out with Hayden and Jason!

It was tough to decide which song was my favorite of the night. Each and every song were all incredibly passionate and full of energy. The way the whole band syncs up and plays seamlessly together, shows they have had quite a long journey together.

Landon spoke to the crowd and brought up a bit of his background, struggles with his fiancé, and the passing of his mother from brain cancer. The speech almost brought me to tears. He concluded with how grateful he is to have his two buddies always there for him. They held him up during his lows. He then went on to sing a song he dedicated to his mom, “Oh Mama”, definitely made me cry a little. I miss my family and at that moment I thought about how lucky I am to have them in my life always supporting me. (I thought to myself, I wouldn’t be here doing this tonight without you mom!) Their set ended with their latest hit “&Run”. Landon lifted the microphone up towards the crowd, you could literally hear the whole venue singing along, “so I kick my shoes off and run!!”. Their set ended and everyone was left with goosebumps and begging for more.

Joywave was up next!!!! As I hopped in the photo pit, Daniel walked out. I am pretty sure he saw me and was a bit surprised. Like I said earlier, this show was really home away from home. Seeing the band here really brought back memories of seeing them and shooting their performances in Rochester, it was such a nice feeling.

They began with their latest single, “Blastoffff”, getting the crowd all energized and hyped! Joywave does not play around. Their new set up that was pretty “Joywave”. Behind them were several queue lightboxes telling the crowd what to do, “vape”, “laugh”, “applause”, and much more. A classic Joywave move. I mean look at their tour poster, pure genius.

I was pretty sure that I was one of the few singing my heart out to “Golden State” and missing home more than anything! It had been way too long since I last saw these talented homies hit the stage. I was very emotional and it made me beyond happy to be there, in the photo pit, doing what I love! Daniel did what he does best and put on such an amazing set, always managing to rile the crowd up. Hyping the audience up, Daniel screamed into the microphone, “How was flora cash??? And our good buddies Sir Sly??? How about Joywave??? “, the crowd screamed with excitement with each mention.

I was sad I couldn’t stay till the end of the set, as I had an hour and a half worth of driving back and work early in the morning. It took a lot for me to tell myself to leave. This whole tour lineup is beyond amazing! If they are coming to a town near you, you better not miss it! You will 100% regret it if you do. <<

Listen to Flora Cash HERE!

Listen to Sir Sly HERE!

Listen to Joywave HERE!