Song of The Day - Fools by James Supercave

>> Los Angeles psych-pop band, James Supercave, has a new song! This band is made up of talented musicians Joaquin Pastor, Patrick Logothetti, and Andrés Villalobos! Below are quotes from Joaquin Pastor and Andrés Villalobos about this groovy new tune "Fools"! Check it out!

Listen to the song HERE!

Andrés Villalobos’ quote on the creation of “Fools”:

“The music of this tune came to be from acquiring two pieces of gear; an OP-1 and a 100-year-old piano I inherited from a kind soul on craigslist. The main synth melody across the verses was the first thing I'd written on the piano and the beat was the first I'd made on the OP-1. The lyrics came one afternoon writing in my backyard. I was listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar's 'To Pimp a Butterfly' and wanted to write something that could cut lyrically, but also still make it sexy. That duality is at the heart of the tune. A sexy appeal with the dark realities underneath it all.”

Andrés Villalobos’ take on the meaning of “Fool”:

“’Fools’ is a sonic still-life of the current consumerist/soon-to-be -post consumerist society. In the same breath it's full of bottomless fun and the shallowest darkness. Willful ignorance and crippling debt. All to beat you can dance to. Merry x-mas!”

Joaquin Pastor’s quote on sharing vocals:

"Andy came into the room with the DNA of this tune all worked out, music and words. I loved the concept and was happy Supercave was the right home for it. I took on the verses but Andy sings lead on the chorus, a first for us. With both of us on the lead vocal, there are more characters in the story and the world of the song gets deeper. This one lives and dies on attitude." <<

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