>> In this highlight, we turn our attention to an electric, edgy, undiscovered band named The Climactics. We were able to sit down with this fire band and try to get into the minds of this upbeat and carefree bunch. Not only is this band fresh and unique, their energy is contagious and this interview is genuine proof of this. We’re introduced to each member of the band, Liam Enright (Lead Vocalist), Gabriel Becker (Bassist), Shane Saxton (Guitarist), and Alex Fontini (Drums). We asked each of the members a series of quick questions:

Who are you?

LIAM: I am Liam. We are The Climactics.

GABE: Gabe here, resident bass man and wallflower.

SHANE: This is Shane - real-life Dewey Finn: educator of youth by day, guitarist extraordinaire by eve.

Alex: Nervous.

What is the origin of The Climactics?

LIAM: Kind of a ninja turtles scenario. We were fucking around in the sewer. Somebody poured some green shit on us. And that is how we became a rock band.

SHANE: Well, Liam and I have known each other since going to middle school in Henrietta and we grew up playing in bands together all around Rochester. Gabe and I got to know each other in college by playing together in the incredibly short-lived group, Gabe and the Babes. We all ended up moving to NYC roughly around the same time, and we met our drummer - the handsome, young Alex Fontini - through a friend of a friend. And it’s been one long honeymoon ever since.

Please tell us about the journey to where you now.

GABE: Once we started playing together it took us a while to figure out our sound. We’ve got a diverse range of influences and trying to reconcile them into something coherent was *quite* a journey. However, we have a love of 70’s music in general - whether that be pop, rock, jazz, or funk, and I think we all draw on the feel of that time period in our songwriting and performances.

SHANE: Now that we’ve nailed down a more cohesive sound, we’re writing more collaboratively and are hoping to have our first full-length out some time in the next year...

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