>> As I landed in Rochester, it was a direct ride to the Bug Jar. I arrived around 9:20 pm and there was already a crowd! Walking I saw so many familiar faces, it was like a family reunion! I caught up a little with Jeremy from The Demos, we both were so excited for the show!

There was so much support from the community! It was so nice to see everyone that I haven’t see in a while. An appearance from our local rock stars Travis and Patricia from Kopps, Josh Netsky from Maybird, and so many more talented Rochestarians.

It was such a beautiful feeling, everyone there to support another step in our journey, but also there to support amazing music!!!

Good Hours, an up and coming band from Rochester, took the stage first. Rockin hard and setting a perfect tone for the night, the crowd thoroughly enjoyed it.

Boy Jr. The queen herself came in with all the confidence, quirkiness, and slayed the stage. Jumping around and inviting the crowd to dance along! She even hopped down into the crowd and jammed out with everyone. Boy Jr. brought in such incredible energy! The crowd was amped up and ready for more!!

Humble Braggers!! Our Buffalo homies and issue 1 alum, took the stage and put on such an amazing performance (feels like I’m repeating myself a lot) but holy fuck! The crowd's energy reflected the passion and confidence of the band, it was truly incredible! Everyone was up and jumping around throughout every set!

Last but not least, our issue 5 feature, The Demos, killed it! Everyone was dancing and singing to all their tunes. It was 12:40 am at this point but it didn’t matter to the crowd. We were there for the music and we wanted more!! The demos were so energetic and just downright fun! It was a perfect way to end the night, being able to see everyone join together for a night of love, support, and good ass music! <<