>> SHAED is an indie-pop trio from Washington, D.C. The band is made up of twin brothers Spencer Ernst and Max Ernst and the ever-talented vocalist, Chelsea Lee! Chelsea and Spencer recently got married!! All three musicians live together in a tiny house and make powerful music! Check out our interview with Chelsea where we talked about the origin of the band, love, heartbreak, and living together!

How did the band start and what is the origin of the name SHAED?

We met in 2011 at the 930 club when Max and Spencer were opening the show. We instantly fell in love with each other and became best friends. We weren't able to fully commit to a project together until SHAED, which we started in 2016. The name SHAED comes from our favorite fantasy novel - Name of the Wind. It is a protective cloak made of shadow.

Please describe each song on 'Melt' as if they were different plants and explain why each song relates to that plant.

Ha, this is a pretty heady question that I'm not sure how to answer. But we love succulents :) and they rule our little brick house.

Congrats on your recent marriage! How has music played a part in your connection with each other?

Thank you! Well, Spencer and I would have never met if it wasn't for music. All of us have grown so much personally through creating music and spending so much time together.

What does love mean to you?

It means being vulnerable enough to open yourself up to someone or something that brings you immense joy.

What do you want people to feel/think of when they listen to their music?

Hope you enjoy the journey we tried to create for you.

What advice do you have for someone going through heartbreak?

Hang in there. Love is not singular. You will find it again through many different avenues.

What are the qualities you look for in a friend?

Loyal, honest, and funny.

What are your favorite things about living together?

The list is honestly endless but here are a few things:

- Cooking and making lemon drops together

- Playing cribbage together

- Folding Max and Spencer's underwear

What artists are you currently listening to?

Summer Walker, Shibo, Chet Baker

What would you like to say to your fans?

We love you! <<

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