Confidence and Self-Care with Donna Missal

>> The powerful soul, rock, and hip-hop singer-songwriter, Donna Missal, has recently released a beautiful new album called, 'This Time'. Since then she performed alongside Bishop Briggs and will be joining the Slywave tour this upcoming month with our friends in Joywave and Sir Sly! Check out our interview with her below where we talked about confidence, self-care, and influences!

Your new album, 'This Time', is emotion driven and people tend to relate emotions with color; If you could relate each song on the album with a color, and describe why each color goes with each song?

Oh wow! When I started thinking about cover art I’d come up with a concept of how I wanted it to look, I imagined….starting from the golden hour, amazing super intense red, orange, and yellows...going straight through the color spectrum. It's meant to take you through that emotional cycle of the way that the colors that make you feel.

What do you do in your own routine for self-care? And do you have a saying or mantra that you say to increase your confidence and embrace who you are?

Interesting, I think about confidence as a very complex thing, and it helps me kind of process it and apply it better. Like, understanding that it's not going to be the same every day and that there are going to be different things that will make you confident, and that won't always remain the same... you need to work on it, and it's not just saying, "oh I'm confident now". You have to make a daily decision to remind yourself to be confident. Personally, I apply that every day and it helps me be a little easier on myself, understanding that it is complex and it does take work. I guess as a personal mantra goes, if something is happening and I'm not feeling it, I just try to remind myself that that’s normal, and that doesn't make me less than, and that gets my confidence going. Very rarely has it been about how I look. It's always coming from somewhere internal, which is helpful. But I'm like a super, self-care activist. I love any and all self-care. I went on tour early last year, whenever I was looking for something to do, I would go spend a couple of hours at the beach by myself, or read, or listen to podcasts or music or something, and it helps me get out of my own heart and out of my own head. Remember that confidence is kind of this made up thing and that there's is nothing physically that you could grab on to and say, "oh, that's confidence". I love bubble baths, I do all kinds of stuff whenever I'm not feeling it, just remember that it's in there, we just need to cultivate it sometimes.