Elle King - Shake the Spirit: A Work of Sublimation

>> Elle King, an American two-time Grammy-nominated blues/pop-rock artist, debuts her much anticipated second studio album ‘Shake the Spirit,’ and it does exactly that.

The Good:

‘Shake the Spirit,’ a bold candor, is a work of sublimated heartbreak. Elle King and Andrew Ferguson met in January 2016, marking the beginning of a roller-coaster relationship that would inspire her latest album. King and Ferguson were engaged in three weeks and were married by the following February. However, their romance proved to be short-lived when they were found filing for divorce by the following May. Despite its brevity, King and Ferguson's failed relationship left King in a paralyzing state of emotional turmoil, and her spirit in need of a good shake out.

The Bad:

Where the juicy drama that inspired this album adds to its overall impact, the content can sometimes be too obvious or transparent. Vulnerability is never an easy thing and King does her best to transfigure her destructive emotions in a way that is not melodramatic, however, sometimes her candidness can be overwhelmingly personal to the point where, as a listener, Elle King’s story becomes the subject of attention and her musical genius is forgotten.

The Review:

‘Shake the Spirit’ balances diversity of style with musical and thematic continuity. Elements of King’s influences, such as ACDC, Etta James, Blondie, Adele, and Otis Redding, make for humorous and poppy songs that invite you to hurt and heal along with King. A powerfully honest album, King covers a lot of emotional ground in a coherent, well executed musical narrative. 9/10 <<

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