Move Forward In Our Lives - Luke Marzec

>> Luke Marzec is a Polish-British multi-instrumentalist. He released his debut EP, 'Chances', earlier this year and now has a new music video for his song "Move Forward In Our Lives". Below he shares the inspiration behind the song and a bit behind the creation of the video!

“When I wrote “Move Forward In Our Lives” it felt like I was describing a night I had shared with my girlfriend - an evening where we made peace; where we accepted our past with calm; left with pride and with love. Now, I know this evening of closure would only occur a year later. The song was a hope for closure, a fantasy of the strength we did not yet possess. This fantasy became a reality only a few weeks ago. We met one final time, we made peace and we said goodbye. Now, I can remember our times with fondness. The song has developed a new meaning. To me, it is a symbol of acceptance and metamorphosis. Though it felt like I was unnecessarily delaying the completion and the release of this song, it now feels like I had to wait for life to catch up with it’s prophecy.

Harry Lindley, the director, and I met one morning at in Brockwell Park: I had only called him up the night before when I got the news that the previous video production had fallen through. Harry had known this song for quite some time - he put it to the trailer of his feature film CTRL - and as we walked through the park we talked through many different ideas. We balanced our artistic spring-boarding with talk of freedom and metaphysics and tree-climbing. That evening we made our way to Peckham Rye to the fun fair, after we both got a haircut. We picked up James, the producer, on the way. The place was empty. We got ten minutes’ filming before we were asked to leave. We used the second take.” <<

Listen to Luke Marzec HERE!

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