Rodes Rollins - A Proud Nasty Woman

>> Rodes Rollins is a powerful musician. Indie-psychedelic music emanates from her very core. Music was just a hobby for her from when she was a child until around 19-years-old when she was studying at NYU’s Gallatin School, and where she decided she wanted to pursue music full time. She has experienced much growth throughout the subsequent years. “It took a while for me to start writing music that I actually liked. As an artist, I think one of the frustrating things about the growing process is when your skill set doesn’t match your ear. That is when you don’t quite have the experience to make something you genuinely love. I started writing and recording music when I was 8-years-old. I think I wrote the first song that I still feel I connect with today at age 16.”

Since then she has collaborated with huge artists such as Kane from Portugal The Man, Matthew Compton from Electric Guest, Major Lazer, and many many more. When asked about how these collaborations influence her creativity she responded, “It definitely inspires me to be in the room with people who I look up to. I’ve always made an effort to really always try to collaborate with people who I think can teach me something. For my whole life, it has been more inspiring for me to collaborate with people who are older and more experienced than me, rather than my peers.”

Due to the fact that she collaborates with many other talented musicians, we wanted to know what she does in order to maintain her individuality and stay fresh to herself. Her response was very unexpected, “I try to keep my blinders on just enough to feel like my inspiration and motivation to write is coming from an internal urge rather than an external source. That’s easier said than done, and someone people might argue that it’s nearly impossible in today’s world! But I feel like this combination of inward and outward reflection helps keep my individuality alive.” Self-reflection, both inwards and outwards seems to be a recurring theme with creative individuals and Rodes is no different! If you are struggling with staying true to yourself in this hectic world, take a breath and reflect on yourself!

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