Ziggy Alberts and His Passion for This Planet

>> Ziggy Alberts is an independent singer/songwriter, free-surfer, and environmental enthusiast from the East Coast of Australia. He sings heartfelt stories of personal endeavors and experiences, ocean-side upbringing, environmental issues, and life on the road. His latest album, 'Laps Around The Sun', came out this past Friday, November 9th! Check out his guest blog post below about his passion for the wellbeing of this planet!

I'm passionate about the planet and its wellbeing. I less and less want to say I'm passionate about the environment, because - more accurately - we are always in the environment. We make the environment this "other place"; the wild and untouched. Whether its wild and untouched, or concreted and developed, it’s still our environment. I constantly find myself drawing a line in the sand between the two. We need to look at the planet as a whole, in its natural state or otherwise. Not only is it more accurate, I think this will help all of us not feel so separated from the planet we share as a home.

I'm passionate about making decisions that don't unnecessarily detriment the natural state of our world, because, I love these natural states: the sea and the mountains and the forests. It’s selfish - It is beyond our needs as a human race, but more closely what brings me joy in my life. Where my memories lie and where adventures will still come. Some people are more passionate about the working rights of humans, about ending slavery, about the welfare of animals, about improving legislation in governments around the world. You know what I think?

The most important thing is to put energy into issues you are passionate about. All these issues are wildly important, and we need people on every front. So be passionate about the issues that are close to you, but don't forget to be human along the way. Some activists are so focused on saving the environment they forget about the basics of being a human.

Why are we so hell-bent on constantly showing a world that’s dying? Aren't we trying to protect a world that’s living? I think you will create a certain amount of change by doing all the above. But after a while - after being told how the humans are killing the planet and constantly being bombarded by graphic imagery of these issues - people become dissonant. People lose hope. Hope is the most valuable way to inspire humans: do not lose that. Tell the actual truth of the situation. The planet is under an immense amount of pressure, but there are still places worth protecting. People aren't actually that bad, and if you meet them at a place they can learn, most individuals want to do good. We should tell more stories of the humans saying "fuck this, no matter how big the problem, I'm going to do my part". There is a lot of them - it’s just easy to focus on all the bad happening, instead of the good.

I feel like as a musician, a huge part of my purpose is to create unity. A place where people are open to ideas. To sing about the good things and the challenges we face. I think I'm the perfect example of someone making as many responsible choices as possible - because I'm not the perfect candidate. I have a huge carbon footprint - The flights, the driving, the fuel... why should I bother? Because I truly believe we all have to start somewhere. And we can't be an all-or-nothing modern society anymore; we need to be practical.

We need everybody to start making responsible choices, where they are today, and just take one small step at a time. Not quit their job and start riding a bicycle. We need to be practical - we need to. <<

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