>> In the past few years, we have seen a surge of psychological and cerebral thrillers—and trust me I’m not complaining. I’m a big fan of films that keep you guessing and force you to piece together all the weird confusing bits. Films like these rely heavily on a well-constructed script, and it’s easy for these films to lose credibility due to plot holes and dropped plot lines. This past Friday Netflix released a handful of originals, including a small indie flick Cam.

Directed by Daniel Goldhaber and written by Isa Mazzei and Goldhaber, Cam had a short festival run before being picked up by the streaming platform. Cam follows Alice (Madeline Brewer), an overly ambitious and driven cam girl who’s trying to work her way to the top. However, one morning she finds that she’s been replaced on her show by a replica herself.

This film is entertaining and will keep you guessing from the moment it begins. The editing and camera work are nothing special, but nothing to complain about either. Its score is interesting and compliments the overall look of the film. But the shining element is Brewer’s performance—her ability to make us care about her character and the technological predicament really holds this film together.

This script is very well constructed, and it combats some of this issues that sex workers face including the push for them to live double lives due to the nature of our society. Obviously, this film is very technology heavy, which makes it feel like a Black Mirror episode. However, what’s unsettling is that the whole plot of this film is quite possible and could happen to anyone. This film isn’t about a “near future experience”, it’s about the present. 8/10 <<